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Enochian Walks with God, 

Found out by a 


Whofc Face Towards 

M O U N T-S I O N 

< iAbo*ve was Set. 

Gen. 5. Verfe 2*, 

Enoch walked with (jod , and Was not , 
for (jod tookjbim. 


An Experimental Account of what was Known, Seen, 
and met withal there. 

AstoanEflay to a further Revelation of an Immenfe and Infinite Lati¬ 
tude of GO D's Loire, to the Reftoring His whole Creation, and How, 
and after what Way and Manner we are to Look, and Wait for this 
LaH Appearance, and Coming of our Mighty GOD, and Saviour 

0 tome emi fee, tohat the Holy One in Hit Spirit, it trerkin% down, and re * 
vealing, in order to Hit Appearing 1 

Written by J A N E LEAD, in this Year. 1694* 

| P. J 1 . D». LO OTHtRBOVRO. 

Print'd, and S" n in Nevih- in Frttrr.T.ano* *6*/ 



d. c. 

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A N 

Introduction, and Apology 

To the following 


M r Friends , who in the ttmvtrfalLove, o /"the God of Love do 
dwell, to you 1 doubt not hi the Mutter of this Difconrfe m ry 
find Acceptance , as it is 4 Aftfage fro a above , of good, and 
Chtd-titUnti to ike whole Creation, from the beginning of Time , 
to the fin*! End and extenften thereof •, for Go ft hour team Grace wtil thereto 
reach. Bat this Lcve doth expkefstt felf, not only by faving, and delivering 
from an endiefs P nn foment, at the jafi Merit of Tranfgreflioa, and 
dicncc which is proclaimed to the tvhol: Adamical fallen Race by him who was 
made an Offering for Sin: Site be it know.n , Gods Lcve is not fo tlearly [ten, 
orilluft rated. Jf , (Off') Here itfwtld flop in this vifbteveaj of Rtdcm- 
ftion by Chrifi \ but te muft go much deeper in bringing forth a nett created 
God-like Similitude in the Soul ; shat what tras dimtatifhed , and dt faff eared , 
may be repaired by the Firth of the Holy Ghojt , conceived, and Jo J fringing 
up, Jnttinfcal, for a t her am Renovation in every parr of the Soul ; This yon 
will find to be the whole fcope and drift of what it writ ten here ; Goj having 
Taught me by his Spir.t , in this great Myfiery, of Inward Redemption ; / 
found my felf ImpuUed and under a Conftraint to make it Publish. before my 
Difcaft (Icing age dp o Tears ) shot fo this Treafurt might not die with me-, 
not knowing but mat it may be my lafl Farewell to this World, Therefore have 
hajlned to do my Lord and Mafer’s Work, whiljl the Day fpring from on high 
doth fine upon me j if the outward Day of my Life is lengthened out to me, tt 
Jhall ( all-improving of it ) be as my ntojl delightful Employ being called to it 
from on high. 

Now t<) come to the matter in hand, as to tloe Title which this Snbjtji doth 
bear, is is not an outward fionrijhing found, but from a mpft Efjtnual and 
Experimental ground from which this goetb forth -, which if otherwife, in my 
Circumfiances , l fnotdd net have rendredmy felf fttblukj- For eve y Wo- 

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her Head. i Cor. 1i. f. But Chrifi being my Head-covering, 1 have both Com - 
miffion, and Munition-ft renttb, upon ip Inch 1 fhsdl proceed, and go forward, and 
fay fome thing as to thefirje part, which is the Spring-flower of the Afina, Ef- 
fenetd in a Never-dying Root which renders the face of the Mind perfect in 
Beasttifutncfs, for Love, and delight to him who it the Exprc ft brightntft of 
the Fathers Light, in which you mil (a/ in a Clafi) fee the Royal Degrees, and 
Spiritual Affcms, with FtJhval Entertainments tn the Spirit fo prepared, that 
may be for an Inviting Imitation to the Heaven-born Spirits, at alfo to them 
that are yet unborn, that all ttyty labour, in fuck a heavenly Habit of Mind- 
for to be found. 

The next fart which I have to commend to the Reader is according to the 
Itt/criptt&n of the Ecok,, (The Enoch ian L ife ) th-u fo hidden, and un- 
kpoatn hath been -,yet by the Spiritual Pilgrim, and Traveller found ; and may 
fill be found by fs-chat JhaJl ceafe from walking after ;he Fltjh and Worldly 
ways, andrefolve to take up, towalk.withCod in the Spirit. For if onceyoa 
can clear, and get off here, from theft low clogging and heavy, fandy ways , 
then yon map enter into theft high and p leaf ant Walks with COD , which 
when you art once come into, yon will meet wit ht ho ft various Streets , and De- 
fights, that mil hg.'ge jon to hfep to them, bee an ft good Company yon will here 
tnett j if but few among Mortals, ytt numerous of ti e Heavenly Society will 
walk, and talk, with jcu ficm tl.cje upper Regions whereto your Travels tend, 
of tit which / have given an Accotmt for Encouragement, and Motive to 
draw up Holy, and feparated Spirits Hereunto-, who have Liberty, and Op- 
port unity, to know beforehand the Richa , and pleafnut Things of this Hea¬ 
venly Country to comtsuplattupon them, for which End I have joytttd and ad. 
dtd to this firfl Part what was opened and revealed to me lajr Tear 169J. 
where you will fee a particular Knowledge and Experience of what theSainrs 
yet abiding in this lower World may enjoy of Communion with Holy and Sepa¬ 
rated Spirits of the Higher World, which may be of great advantage. 

Alfo a little Trail lately manifefted in what way and manner we may expeft 
else LORD J E SV S hit Appearance about which fo many prophecies and 
founds in this prtfent Age have gone forth. / have according to my Gift laid 
the fare Foundation for both his prtjcnt and future Appearance in the IVorld. 
Sure J am, he doth, and will find his Mcjftnger before his Face, which is the 
Spirit of refining Fire to prepare for his more Piffle and Splenderous coming 
in his Kingdom, to m«k{ Kings, Ptlefts, and Prophets, to Reign in, and with 
Him on the Earth j and whtnne fhall fee more of this multiplying Oyl of the 
Holy Chop} poured forth upon riofc that are Lookers for this Buffed Hope, and 
ntojr glorious Reign of Chrift • then we may excel} he may be drawing near. 

Therefore border hereunto, ad Publick., and private Pa flours and Teachers, 


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JhoiiU ki.'OW nh.ii to go forth tilth , ank kect.tri, smk 7>S V;,% J&S.vV-H 

«/ the Spirit to maky ready ad Nations, P‘ op.'e, estJ Languages to t.tStUr.ft 
by r be Power of the £verlafiing Cofprl the which Sound m.:y 
reach ftt ChrijYs Spirit to the Fret and Bound, nketker in the Body , or ore. 
for ibis Cofeel will Jo jar extend, beyond the Limits of time, to Crcatnret in 
ages jo confined, oj the which L.tut:u/e of redeeming Low yen mV in >;.:j 
F olsaxe find declared, of being alfo a tcveaied Truth, wl/idt l wat not jeon 
the If or id to conceal ; rind as for thofi Scriptures that my be aUcdfcd agairsl 
it, they were to me Interpreted. This Point to rttoneile, and that opened, that 
oj the LORD CHRIST did to and preach to the Spirits in Frifon that 
were difobediens in the days of No ail, ( or before , and free) who in Bends did 
remain in tow Regions, at who ft appearance did Then find deliverance, or elfe 
to what end did he preach to them ? as you may fee in Peter ; and Jo again 
at hit fecond and lafi Appearance , when he Jhall come 10 judge the quicksand 
the dead, where will pats jail and righteous Sentence according to every ones 
Work, ■, yet wiS this Judge rtferve in himftlf the liberty to Rcltafe, ar.dRt- 
mijfiongive, to all that in fiery Purgations have faffed, and are humbled thereby. 

laky notice of what the Apofi/e Paul [peaks of tn this Matter, to be faced 
fo as by Fire •, and as to that great Objection nude from ChrifFs Words Go 
ye Curled into Ever tailing Punifhment (which is oppofed to thejhort Limits 
of this World ; and admits only of number of ages, which Suffering, and Pu- 
nifhments there may yet be)yet it is not to be beyond the Time of CHRIST : (the 
LOR D‘t complecting, and delivering up the Kingdom to hit Father) for 
COD was, is, and fo hath defigned tnCHRI ST to reconcile aU to himfelf 
which wai at odsls with him ; for it it not to be the leaf doubted but the Efficacy 
of Chrift the fttend Adam by the merit of his Blood-jhcd, and his Spirit giver* 
therein which willmakg all good again, which the firjl Adam had made evil. 

Much more I might Marge, but I hope this may fitffice, only to confiderThat 
Scripture cf the Romans, Chaji. 6 . Ver. 14, ty, and 16 , which is enough to 
clear and fatlfie that the PLifter provided, 11 truth broader than what the 
Wound of Sin hath made. 

This (0 Reader) who ever thou art, know, I Live been hereto from a heavenly 
Power driven to clear up,and vindicate tbeRoyafand GcntTosu6oodsttfi,and love 
of the Holy Trinity, agreeing all in Unity, for the reconciling and bringing back, 
again into themfilves whatever of a fpiritual quality wai fcattertd and divided 
from them, which in the Difpenfaiott of the fulness of Time will be made mani- 
fefi to the wondt-'ol,for aU of COD' s Creation to Love,and Praife, 
and Exalt, and pay their Adoration to their merciful Creator that hath complet¬ 
ed fuch an Vnivcrjal Redemption •, only fuffer this Word of Caution and Corn¬ 
et l,That none prefitme to turnTbis Grace of COD into avitioui and caretcfs way 
-r 1 inina. For Antuifli and Ttrrour, of Soul, and Snfering, will be upon them 

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he c, and htreafur ; all tthich, may be pminted in the time of this Life by an 
imv-ird Cireitmcfon in Spirit, fed mo tin ing the Evil Nat in e trirrjra it into a 
Subjcilim to the Law of the Spirit of Holintjst for I me ft folor.nly i'rofefs 
fitch 41 do loofely and vainly live, That they trill have no part in the frjf Kej'nr- 
rtilion, be cut off from allthofe pleafant and unconceivable Joys, and glorious, 
end filing Fpringi of reft filling front the Ptefenceof COD, ana the Lttt>d>, which 
in this prefent Life may be tajicdeutbcfirjt Fruits of the fuliHatvcfi. I do 
tbit ever (at from whet / h.m bjtsr.n in my own Particular ) 7 bat if there ttt> e 
no Reward of a future Bltfsf/'l heppy State ttheti this Life ftaS end, IJlmtd 
thinly it e very greet Felicity to have a prefent Participation of the Spirit oflk ift, 
and thereby be cloathed with his Divine Nature, and Jive in the prefent Enjoy¬ 
ment of all thofe Ineffable Immunities that I have here given a Real account of 
according to Experience, which l do hope, and tray vuh all Power of Prayer , 
That trhar hath been by theHolySpint ojjmanuei unfolded here, may be Received, 
andEnterrawcd,as thegoldenOyl from thtDropfingOitvc-Ticeybai asthc anoint. 
ed Ones of the LORD do multiply for a priejily Kingdom he'e upon the Earth •, 
(The which Subjetl hath bttn Treated of, and P.tbltfied by the Author in 1683.) 
intituled, The Seven Seals broke open, by Divine Revelation (jomeof 
which are ytt to be had in my peflefton) and ai the Day cj the Spirit dott more get 
Up, tend flint forth in this prefi nt Gcntraritnin Heart and Mina, which only can 
be extctledfront fucli upon whom the Anointing is peered Jonh phm 'fully, 'That 
may hcfowdl ftoredtritbThas Pure Crain and golden Sced,aitle? nay as Sew. 
ers go forth to Sow it every where. Oh bow were u to be wither., ,.::4 how much 
would it be my Joy to bnow fs:eh powerful Sowers in this our Day,which may bring 
forth a pit e white Lilly C;op of Spirits, with whom Ch ifr osir Lin-Jy Shepherd 
may wr.lfandfecd-. Then he will be no longer a jl ranger to hi: Fold here upontareh, 
bat be well Igown to be our I tiding rajli-.rticniinually. But I fnall l<tre now ftp, 
and with this Word conclude, ( as if it wertmylr.f Dying. S}Ctch)whith l do di- 
rtfl to all Ranfy, Sorts, and Degrees, and more efpteuliy, to tl. ’in who are Called, 
and Liberty have to c.vercife a true Spiritual Aiivifiiy, That they may brew what 
This Scafon and Time may call for, being row pajl the frrfi and (tcond A’umber of 
lime \ and art c:>nc to tm Half-time : Thcr? fore no forth with veur anoint¬ 
ed Shield, and with your Horn fill'd with Oil of the Spirit. Sparc not to 
found yom-Trumpcts of the Spirit,that rosy gather in from rhciitmo/l parrs 
of the, that they may both, fee, know, and pn-take of this Even¬ 
ing and Day-ftar riling firlt in our Hearts,and from tlierce l .ad moll i igkt- 
ly where we may our Princely Redeemer fee Eye to Syc in Kingly Ms jjly. 
Fort h.c which end it is Incumbent, and chargeable upon you to prorogate 
this /ore-1 inner of our Lord Chrift, which is .'be Spus its minifery, the 
One, 3rd jfi that I have to leave, 3rd cotr.nend to t oe who Lo .-crs, and 
VV»lk -r<: in. this Sntrif”al wav which hath been here definLed bv the 

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T be Flower of the Mind. 


May Mb. 1694. 

A Floorer from the ¥ ground hath ay feared , the A ainre 
and Property of which ts never to fade, or die ; for in defer nt 
itfrom on high , which is the Lord , the quickening Spirit from 

T His is the Plant that has put forth it felf, diflinS from the out¬ 
ward Nature in me 5 well knowu it is by its plcafant Sccnr, qua¬ 
lifying with Fragrant Love, fo very fweet, and mild, that it 
hamonifedi the Soul to that degree That it feds no other life, than 2 
Ghoftly Deity \ That is the Root which feeds this Rofie Flower of the 
Mind, with a certain kind of Balfamick'Vettue j thatfo its beauty is of 
a Klufliing frclhncfs always. 

Now herein lieth the greatell of all Myfteries, That under the Covert 
of a mortal Humane form , fuch an anointed Cbtrnh , fhould There live « 
and move, as having the fire-fparkling Eye, that pierccth into the Hea¬ 
vens, there to view , arid fee, what is of its own Kind, and Property , 
transplanted into That upper Region.' for known it is tome, that .Spirits, 
Pure, and Separate from this grofs Earth, may be both with ChriJt the 
Head, and wuh his body of Saints, who in the Heights of Glory are. _ 

Yet mutual Greeting, and Convcrfation allowed may be, as fpringing 
from one Eternal root, and ground, coupled together in Loves.golden 
Chain of EvcTlailing Unity. 

But it is given me to underhand that fuch Saints which are yet in the 
Body, (that is yet Corporeal) they mult be highly fpirited, and much 
eflranged from themfelves, as confidercd in an outward crcaturely Lifcy 
for That part mud be filenced, and fhut up •, when ever the Soul, in this 
Body would hold aCommunion, or fpiricual Conference with the King¬ 
ly Shepherd, and That upper Fold. 

Now from hence it is to be concluded, they mult be High Graduated 
Souls, that are priviledged to come 1 p Here to this Heavenly Court. E- 
very Spirit according to its growth and attainment, fo it will be ranked 
with fuch a* arc above •, each one joined to its like in Heavenly places: 
for fo it will be, whilft in the body of time, and when There from fepa- 
rated ( Oh my Friends, who ever This comes to know ) they will httle 


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t A communion held between the above, 

are for any other Society but what is above; for Chtift being Glorified, 
He mightily doth draw pure Spirits to be with him, as their n:oft proper 
Center, and Dwelling-place. 

The body of Sin, and FicClt, hath been indeed a great Impediment to 
fuch Heavenly-minded Souls that in this Liberty of Mind for afpiritual 
Sight would be; but the Mill-ftone of this Earth doth bind, and keep 
them down, fo as they cannot afeend. 

The Qpeftion then is, what muft be done to get free, to hold up 
thisall-dcfirablcCorrefpondency with GOD, and CHRIST, and all 
the Heavenly Family? 

I can give no other Direction , titan what my ftlf have been taught 
In, and in fome degree have put into praflicefo, as whereby 1 have found 
this All-ftcret Pafs, for way) for my Spirit to enter, and abide, in the In¬ 
ward Tabetnade of G O D's delightful Prefence, which is as a forego¬ 
ing Fledge of what I may hope, and expert to take up in, when this 
jny Body fhall break away. 

Therefore that 1 might excite all Holy, well-minded Souls that are 
Tuch Lovers of their Life CHRIST, That they would not be bereaved 
•of his Company during the Time allotted to live in this outward Body: 
,Then let them obferve thefe Rules which I give as my Experience. 

' Firft, layafide all Vexatious, Worldly Matters, that are a Cumber, 

* and Weight upon the Mind, take in nothing that is notabfoliitely Ne- 

* ceflary ; be contented with a little of the World, that thou mayeft 

* have much more of GO D. 

And if poflellcd thou art, of a plenty of theft outward Things, be 
fart to give a Proof of thy Alienation from them, by giving them all 
up as an Offering to the Templc-Euilders, to promote, andtuinifh the 
Inward Sanrtuary, which the Holy, Spiritual-minded Souls are to make 
•up} Therefore to be Encouraged in That, it may be by fuch as do more 
plentifully, Things of this World enjoy. 

And blefs GOD, That they have futh a Pi ire put into their Hands 
as to Honour G O D, and pro[>ogate the Revelation of his Kingdom, by 
fupporting fuch as GOD hath Indowcd, and filled with the Spirit of 
Wifdom, Revelation, and Prophecy ■, with all Purity of Converfation. 

Smelam, it would be a molt fweet feented Sacrifice to G O D, if any, 
there could be found, that were thus fo largely, and well difpofed in 
Mindy that fo, a Sequcflration, and Dedication of devout Spirits, might 
be maintained, for fulfilling the Will of G OD here on Earth, as it is 
in Heaven •, Ecchoing to the Saints in the upper World, in Loving, Pair¬ 
ing,and Admiring, ikying allHoct2ge, and rcmple-Worlhip,mGOD, 
to G O D and the Lamb. 1 

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And the Saints below 

I have been , and Rill am, of the fame mird, That if fuch an holy 
convocation could be brought together, in a perfeft Accord, and Onenefs 
of Spirit, a great witncft would be given to it, and mighty thing* 
would iucc«d upon it. But woe, and alas, ( and may therefore a Waif- 
ing be taken up ; that) the pure Spring of Life in Souls, hath been lii. 
Red, and choakcd by theEa' th. 

r , ‘;f e . n r ad; ' f feronful Oaferatien, how deeply buried in the 

Lav# hi., I .f, « L « r, . S~* . • * . . * * — 

whereby tlicy have orpoitumty to attend th: high and heavenly Calling, 
being they can fubfift, and lire without tire Toil, and Labour, which o- 
thers arc neteflitated to be inmloyed in. Therefore let the Great and 
rich Ones, of this Temporal State, believe and know, it is incumbent 
upon them, ard GOD experts no Icfsfrom them. That they principal¬ 
ly honour oeA <iQ O basJh yvea 

them fuch Liberty, and Command of their own l ime, Highly to prize 
it, and make furc to thcmfelves the Pearl of the Kingdom; for That 
Treafnre may go along withthem into the Heavenly World, when they 
mull leave all that belong* to this Outward. 

Now I liarc a Word given me alfo, for the lower Ranks, that indeed 
may have a more lawful Plea, forwantof Time, and Liberty, being in- 

t aged in Bufinefsthar mud give a Livelihood; and thcrforc they cannot 
e fo much at lcifurc to watt the Motionsof the Heavens. 

To this, theSpiritot CHRIST gives this Caution and Councel. 
Take heed left the Cares for tbe bodily patt do not e3t out the Life , 
and Spirit; and fo bereave it of all that is fpirituaJ-feeding, and doath- 
ing for the Soul: and fo be put by, and excluded from commeniing the 
degrees of the Heavenly Vocation and Calling, and loofe all benefit of 
converfation in Heavenly Places. 

Therefore be watchful, and fuffer not the Outward to julUe out the In¬ 
ward ; Put but one Grain of Faith into thy Stock of outward Things, 
and eye GOD Therein; and the Blelling of Increafe Rial! come on thee: 
for the luftftrall live both Spiritually and Temporally by his Faith. 

We have inlfances of what the Spirit of Faith hath produced, when 
GOD hath been confided in; It hath produced a thoufand fold more 
than all the Study of the Head, and Labour of the Hinds. And as this 
Lilly o£. Faith lhall get up, and free it fclf from the Twifting-ltrings of 
Stnfc which hath bound it. Solomon , in all his Glory (ball not be com¬ 
pared unto This Sprouting-Lilly-Day of the Heirs of faith. 

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4 A communion beaten the Saints abwcy 

They who (hall beborn into This Faith, they need not be thoughtful 
for anv Temporal Thing, for all Eleffings in abundance will be brought 
in.. Therefore labour not Jo much for thru fcnfiir* blvr.rron , but r.tthcr j or 
Thru tol.ilt floreof fureFdith, thr.t fid uiatj Tboiifv.di nith Bit a 1 . 

Rcraem bring the LOKD's Doftrinc; viz. Tabf no thought *&«* 
to idt, or d, o- vderettiih to be (loathed. The LORD knew, that by 
the Spirit, and Power of Faith, there Ihould be a Support, and Supply 
of all ncceflary Things. 

But it nay belaid, This kind of Faith, is yet bnt very rarely in any 
one Sprung. 

Well, grant it !b to be for the prefent; yet it is a Troth that there is 
fuch a faith that bath been , and (hall moft fa rely be revived again in 
them, who willing are to die to all That which hath choaked, and Hided, 
(yea bound this Lilly of Faith down. ) 

Now to proceed on to the fecond Rule for Direction for fuch fpiritnal- 
minded Souls, as do defire to be well aeqainted with a life in God , and 
therein to reir. 

As the firft Rule was to difeharge and acquit all unneccffary clogs, and 
weights, extcriourly i fo This, more interiourly ; which is by taking 
ail care to clear sway from the Heart and Mind the Scum that boiled: 
from Corruptible Nature ; from whence Gcncratcth multiplicity of pro- 
faff Imaginations, that no flop can be put to, but as the Spring or the 
Holy-Gholt doth open, and drown. That chaffy duff, which deftleth tile 
Temples bod?. 

Now this skill, the Soul mu(l of the Holy Spirit le3rn, that as faff as 
thepuddled-raatrer of this Kind do rife in the mind, fo immediately 
dowfe, and bath thy fclf in the Springing Pool, where from the Water 
of Life doth bubble up \ for That is our Healing, audit is as near us, as 
live other contrary Source. 

And thus we may keep our Hearts all pure, nnd clearer referred,' to be 
the moft Holy Satiftuary for the rrieff y-Spirit to miniffer iri, and to 
make ready a Holy feperated place for GOD and C H Ik I ST. to maui- 
feft thcmlclves in us. '*■ 

Upon This account, was the Holy Ghoff protnifed, and alfo'gircn; to 
prepare and moke ftraight the crooked ways internally y for Chrift his 
Spiritual Humanity to take up in a pure mind. As John the Eaptift went 
before to prepare, and declare Him to be the Lamb of GOD to take 
away the Si ns of the World; that by John s Miniitry a Reformation and 
Repentance unto life might be given. 


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Juci the Saints Ishw. 

But all this was flnrt of th: Spirits Miniftry ( as John eonfcTcd) 
which is now come to bcrt'.’ca’cd. Chtift being glorified in a body all 
Spiritual. He cannot come to Joyn liiinfclf with any Soul, bttt where this 
Holy Spirit abides before-hand, to refine and purge the fioor cf the Heart. 

This is the office of the Spirit. Now hence we do ice ot:r feives loand 
to treat This Holy Medenger kindly. It is an Infinite valuable Gift \ Oh 
therefore prize Him Eta High rate, for by Him, and through Him, v.c 
have all Knowledge, and Intelligence from our Father’s HntTe, and ail of 
that Heavenly Family, VVc (hould never know any thing of True frate 
of life which is after Death, but as this good Friend, the Holy Ur.flion 
makes out from the Treafury cf God's manifold VVifdom. 

Therefore, who would not for fo great a benefit keep their mitrds all 
Vacant, and Pure, for fuch a Comforter to abide with them, who can 
tell us of things that are yet to come, as the time Prcfrnt, and Eter¬ 
nity: and This he doth, and will do frill, for thofe that love, and 
delight in his Company ? 

1 mufr fay, and leave it for a Living Tefrimony behind me, that had it 
not been for This precious Sealing-gift of This Holy Spirit, 1 mufr 
have fpent my days, in Gloominefs, and Sadnefs-, Sorrow, and Alilcry: 
Which by the received Gift of This Spirit} my age of time hath been 
paft away with much Peace, Pieafureand Joy •, tho’often thronged in up¬ 
on, by this worlds annoy, which could never difreft me, whilfr I could 
but keep the Spirit with me: who had ever more. New things to bring oct 
of his S*ore, to quiet, andpacifie, what at any time was ruffled, and fo 
tflueh difquictcd in me. 

This I h3ve only made mention of, to provoke fuch, or as many, as 
This Treatifc may Read, and ferioutly ponder it in the true Spirit) then 
will they know from whence This is written, and prize it greatly, and 
Wifely make proviiion for This felf-fame bright, enligbtning Star out 
from their Hearts to fpring: who will prepare the way for Chrift the 
Kjng to reign, rill lie hath put down all that can be called Sin} for to 
This'cnd is the HolyGbolt given, ard frill a giving, but in various m:afrrcs 
and dcgrees;fomc oneportion,others dooble,and treble,according as a de¬ 
dication, and preparation of Soul is found } where molt frilinefs and pri¬ 
vacy for a divine contemplative Life is fixed- There this Holy Guell will 
frequently vifit} whereby it doth well;inform and acquaint the devout 
Soul with what is doing, and tranfa&ing in the Heavenly Country, and 
Royal City which the Majcfty of GOD doth enlighten with bis Glory. 

The Difcourfe the Spirit may maintain with us about this upper Words 
Affairs, will mightily nold us, and wind up our minds, fo as tve (bill 

B z fe;r 

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6 Acommunion lit ween the Saints above,, 

far tolet them down into thisdenling World, left it fhoold raifea cloud 
of idterpoCtion betwixt the Heavens and us, as too forrowful it hath 
efttnbeen known ; therefore watch, and pray, and ceafe not to keep 
jpoj) your Guard always. 

But nowit may be faid , This is a Glorious and high Privilcdgeto 
receive of This Spirit, which bringeth out of G 0 D's Trcafury things 
New, and Old \ but the way to obtain this Gift is very coftly ; for the 
Rules preferibed, carry out to fuch a fclf Abnegation, and Denoun- 
ention of a cream rely life in Flelh and carnal Senfe; th2t it is very rare¬ 
ly that any are able to obtain , and retain this precious and holy Anoint¬ 
ing, whereby we come to know the fecret, and deep Things of GOD. 

True it is, This Jewelwill not be found, in common earthly Ground; 
there are feveralmeafures , as I have mentioned , for they that have no 
degree of This Spirit oi Chrift, cannot be his; but if there be fo much 
ofthis Light as doth check, and reprove of Sin, and it be Obeyed, Then 
the Spirit will manifcftly multiply ior Counccl and Comfort; ana fo go 
on to reveal himfclf clearer, ashe finds the Heart giving up to be his pe¬ 
culiar Place of Refidence ; that fo he may keep all in a fanftified Order, 
in preparation for more extraordinary things to be communicated: For 
tlx Sfir it riftth higher, Aid higher, m the Soul it or. f tit d of tn own felf. 

It may be queried, but is there any in this Age of Time, that can give ray 
inlhncc of their being baptifed with the Holy-Gholt,as in thc«f< files days? 

Yea finely,the fucceflion of which hath been witnciied by fomc or otherin 
every ace fmee; although not in the fame manner as with cloven Tongues, 
sad ruining Winds. This vifible Deraonftrationof the Spirit was to have 
today and fo pafs away; and now operates in a more Intrinfical man¬ 
ner and method in Vcfiels fined out thereunto. Therefore what was 
donevifibly, is now more invifible, infpiringami opening as a glowing 
Flame in the Heart, lying there as a live burning Coal, whichis known to 
is to be the true baptizing of the Holy-Gholb which is in prefent feeling; 
sod when ever it is, in its higheft penetrating power, it may a<& forth it 
fclf in miraculous Deeds, and Works, as the prefent occafion may call 
for.- This has been known, and experienced by fome in this Age. 

Then again; another evidence of thcSpirit, is. Internals Gulbf, and 
Breaths of divine Air by which the Soul is often mounted up upon the 
wing of This Word, orP.rcathof the Spirit, and fo gets up to the Hea¬ 
vens, entring into theCcleltial Globe of Eternity, while its outward bo- 
dyiemains in time: This is known to fome. 

For as there was an outward pcrfoncl going up to the viiible Jerufalem 
toeat the Fcalt of tiic Paflover, which was a Type of That great Day 


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And the saints belo'iV. y 

ofth: Pcad,which is now kept the inNcw-Jei ufalcm abort,wnci e tuc Lord 
Chrill in his Spiritual Humanity doth appear, keeping up thcfoleninity 
of That Spiritual Feall, iviih the body of Saints There, and fomc- 
times doth admit ot pure Spirits, that yet in the body of villble Flclh 
are to come up, for to view the llately Order and Government of That 
Feall, and to talle thereof: This is the true citing of the Supper of the 
Lamb, and drinking the Royal Wine of the New-Tefiament with Cluilt 
in his Kingdom, frhich puts an end to all Symbolical Ceremonies. 

Blelling, Joy, and Glory, wc may pronounce to all which Called and 
Invited, to come up to feed upon This Pafcal Lamb. They will never 
care nor delire to go out here, to take upin lower Adminillrations; for 
This i* the Sum and Subtiance of all, to feed upon the Quintcflential Bo¬ 
dy, and pure Blood of the Grape; that as often as it prcllcthit felf our, 
it filleth again, for a continual emptying forth; fo that none that is come 
upheiemay Third any more. 

This is the True Feall of Tabernacles which I have here deferibed to 
you; for no one can go up here without putting on their Tabcrnacle- 
Body, which is the flaming Heart of the Holy-Ghod. 

But now metbinks, I hear fomefay at the Reading of 7 hit, Oh.' You 
have mentioned a high and lofty State, which is as a new thing that hath 
not been declared; as that in this prefent Life there ihould be found any 
to afeend to the New-Jerufalem, to feall and worlhip GOD There t 
This, you will fay belongs to th zEnochian Lift •, butThat Age of the World 
is not yet come, fo as to know a Tranllated State. We grant it, that it 
i* not common, only peculiar tofome, that in Enoch’s Spirit areraifed 
to walk with G O D, and fo are taken upin the Spirit wholly. * But 
‘ we may hope This day of the Spirit is coning on, whereby it (hall be 

* known more univerfally; in the which Angelical Spirits lhall afeend, 

* and That Divine Principle fliall open, that now hath been fo 

* long fhut up: Then you will know aNew-flateof Living, that you ne- 
‘ ver knew before; for it will turn the Love of all mortal Things out 

* of the Hcarts-door •• This will in very deed be known. 

Seeing we have thus far proceeded in opening This Divine Mydcry , 
we (hall not flop here, but go on to reveal and communicate to fuch as 
defire to be Fellow-Travellers with me to This Holy City, the New-Je- 
rufalem ? the Track having been (hewed unto me; not by Villon only as 
in pad tunes: Inmy printed Book of Divine RevtLuicn ; There you may 
fee what 1 had by way of Vinon, Printed in 115835 but now the Spirit 
hath moved it felf in another degree to bring forth Vifion into an EiTcn- 
ual Fruition, which ratiheth That Scripture, />/*/. 84. Vtfft 7, Thtj Jb*j 


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S A communion between the Saints above, 

ft fim ftrcitgth to Jlrtngih , each one appearing before COD in Sion. 

Now This I find is to be taken in a two fold Sc rile, astoThat part 
which is to appear before G O D in Sion. The firlt is, while yet in the 
body of Corporiery, The fcco.nd is, when ftept out of it, fo, as nc 
more to return again to it. Now hence I, ( yet not i ) but the Spirit of 
myjESUS) fhall lead you on to the firft p3rr, knowing well the way, 
and hare taken the mcafures thereof by the Mcafuring-Linc in the Hand 
of an Angel: unaccountable to any but the Travellers thereto. 

Some heads, and proportions 1 fhall lay down in order hereunto, that 
oar Fellow-Travellers may not fail to find fure footing. 

The Firjl is , what Preparation , or Qualification will be requifite for 
fach intended Travellers. 

Secondly , What kind, or manner of way. 

Thirdly , The feveral Stages, or Rcfts, by the way. 

Fourthly, Their arrival to This City of G O D. 

And YtfrMy ,The Welcome^nd Entertainment the Travellers meets vrjth 
There, from all the Great AlTembly of Mount Sion: (the Court of COD) 

Firjl, then, it is to be conlidered whsc this Traveller mull be; 

Nota-Grofs, tangible Body, but a Spirit that mult thus take np£- 
nxh'i Walks, feparated, and tranflated from a Ttntjlul Life to a Ce- 
kfiial : This is our Spiritual-traveller's firft alteration ( an Earthly Crca» 
Cure turn’d into a Spiritual. ) 

And now wc come to enter upon the way, which looked) at Grit onfet, 
as the Valley of Baca that opened) the Floodgate of Tecrs, and being 
now fo environed with the Light of the Spirit, that hath difeo-ered to it, 
an inward, and outward Deformity, degraded of its Angelical Image 
by the toot of Sin in nature fpringing y fo that this Mourning ana 
Sorrow, not to be repented of. And while in this full beginning-way, 
the Soul will have many Enemies to encounter withal, and Temptations 
from within, and without, and the more atlaults will come bccaute it is 
torendaway, and leave the Walks of This Evil World, and to betake it 
felftoThis New and Living-way. But let not our fellow travellers be 
difeouraged, but guild up, and go forward, this days journey will have 
it: end, though it may go heavily cn, this fir ft day y the itcor.d will 
bemorelightfome and refrcfliing if it do but hold out this Probation, 
and wrcftlc it out a: Jacob did. 

Turn the Angels of GOD will meet the weary Traveller, and ac¬ 
company it throughout its way. 

There are (even Angels (or they may he called (even Spirits) that are 
appointed to be the Guard of the travelling Soul, whilft in this danger¬ 

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And the Saints htlow. 9 

ous way. I (hall namcthem, as 1 my fdf lave found them2 Fortitude cf 
Strength in a'.l my Journey on to this* very Day: So it may be to the 
Undertakers that v.iU pvecitily keep to ibis PerfeA- way. 

The firft of thefe Seven qer.lilying Spirits, and Power?, for a Graft!, 
is KoJy, Pahivc-Patier.ce; Thu is an ahlolctc ncccflary Ccirrcnion in 
this way. No holding out, without the Indotvtncnt of a Patient Mind, 
that ir,ay hold out againfc all Contradiction*; ar.d v.Lat will make cfitr 
to pull down from this High, and Heavenly Walk. 

The fecond is, Deep, or .Meek Humility, keeping low, ar.d humble; 
for That feenres th.c T raveller: For G O li hath great Refpefl for a soul 
tliat vvalkcth fcftly, and fleadily. 

The thitd Qualification, is a Lively Hope, which is as an Eye within the 
Soul carrying a Profpsflof the Heavenly Sion, That mightily ftrcrgthens 
it, and bears it up. 

Fourthly, aSoper-Celeftial Wifdom , that directs, manages, and go¬ 
verns the Soul, as to the fitted times, and feafons for Journeying on ; 
that is, when to flop, and when to remove on forward, as the mattev 
(ball require. 

The fifth is the Spirit of Fairh *, This is a mod Excellent Companion 
that carrieih through all Difficulties , becaufe it is the Evidence of Ob¬ 
jects of things in the H avens, not vilibly feen. It is Wings that 
makes the Soul fly fo High, that nothing of the crawling Earth worms 
can reach, to moled, or hurt it. 

The fixthj Divine Power, that attends the Traveller, is, the Live- 
Coal of flaming-Love, that fo vehemently Longeth to arrive to thevi- 
fional Fruition of G O D, and CHRIST, with all the glorified Train 
of Blcfled, and Perfect Spirits. This Love-Gale, is fo Mighty Arons', 
that it makes the Soul pull up, and run fwiftly in this Race, 

Seventhly, That which doth mod complcat this Holy Guard, is, Im¬ 
pregnable Strength, and Power ; for if G O D did rot take care to lof¬ 
tily the travelling Soul with Lis own Invincible drength, there were 
no poflibiliry to reach this Mai k of the Ncw-Jcrufalcm-State ; but Clirid 
the Lord, takes rood care, and ivi,J r.ot omit to provide Mcnitfor.-drcngth 
for accompihhiiig this Heavenly Journey; for Chrilt, the Lord, lcng- 
cth more to fee the Soul-trateller f-.. .iy landed in his own Bofomcf l ove,- 

than the Souls define is to appear before him •• So by this mutual Love-A¬ 
greement, the Evcrlading Knot of Marriage-Union will be tyed, witch 
there once it is arrived. 

Now then, by this time you fee what the Company is, that will fry- 
r$rt the Soul in itsTiavei', but tire Chief of aJI is cLri/t hr Sprit, i!j»~ 

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1C A communion between the Saints above, 

n t/:- i-r;.i< //„) yidifnd Cud, as in the midft cf the Seven Colder. Cia- 


Tht f.cor.d Proportion is*, what Stages, orRefb, tint may be allow¬ 
ed the wear y Ti avciicr to take up in a wliil e, which ate Three. 

This fccond Days Journey is more cafy, and refrcfhing, the Walks 
tires a fv/cct Smell, from the Evangelical Piomifcs, giving aflurance 
by the Atoning blood of the Covenant, that all Guilt of Sin is o'ulit:- 
uted, whereby tltt Soul is Incouraged and Comforted. 

but from this it pllcth on to a Second Reft, which is, the Record, 
and Seal of the Spirit ■, That which was now from the General Piomifcs 
( Literal) is not to be (laid in. Chrift in Flelh withdraws, and will be 
known no more in That Figure, bat in the Ai-filing Porter , and Prefeuet 
cf Spirit, whereby ihe Soul fhall know him in Hcr-lelf: So He does then 
become Salvation to the purpofe. 

No outward Application of Chrift, is of That Availance, at a Chrift 
within, vtho pottrt in Hit Saving. Name at Ofit mem , which performs tire 
Cure of the lapfed State of the Soul, bccaufc an inward Difeafe mull 
have an Intrinfical Medicine, that may penetrate through the Inward 
Parts, that all may be made whole. 

This is the intended Redemption by Chrift, and nothing lefs will fet 
the Soul to Rights again , fo as to give it Boldncfs to come to appear be¬ 
fore That great Aflembly of Perfect-Spirits in Mount Sions-Kingdora. 

Now we proceed to the third Reft , which is yet more plealanr, be- 
caufc it is Paradilical. 

As the Travel hr paflech through this Country, there arc various, de- 
lightfal Entertainments, Mniflrwg Angelt, and Spirits, that in Thit Di¬ 
vine Principle do meet the SouL 

There alfoare the Shaw's Walks, adorned with the Spicy-Beds, that 
gives forth their Ravilhing Odours. 

This fometimes opens in the Soul, with Stveet.Tajiei , and Refusing 
Draught j for the Godhead DiiFufcth it fclf through All oi That Climate, 
foas many Spirits arc made vigorous, and Joyful, knowing nothing but 
an All-fillingSweetnefs, all calm, and Hill in the mind tree from tic 
terrifying Cares and Combuftions of this World (though in it) yet for¬ 
gotten by it, at leaft during the time it is round befet, with this Light, 
and Heavenly Paradife; fo that the Soul is afraid to be difturbed, as to 
the lower Defeent into mortal things again. 

Now we come to the third particular, which is the laft remove that 
bringeth up to That Mount-Sion, which is mentioned in (he Hebrews. 

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And the Saints beloTi>. i x 

Thus the unwearied Soul gocth on from (hengtli to fllength, and is 
now come to the Fourth particular. 

1 hst i» to the Arrival, to appear before G O D in Sion. 
TJiisisaHigh, and Glorious Arrival ; This is a Reft r.tvcr tobedif- 
refted of. Now open do the ever Lift ing Gatss , 10 receive tie faithful Tra- 
t tiler y that hath held out its P>obariv<i-Stfite. 

It l'utthervcinainsto give you an account (as the fifth ptrtkttlar) of 
the Travdler's welcome up There. 

The firft Appearance, are the ,Angelical Order, that (lands before the 
Throne, who commanded arc to fiber in the Arrived , bringing forth 
the Royal Robe which is all Pure, and LL’hr, witlioetfporcf the ^alien- 
Night, which giveth the So-I an Holy BolJecfi to appear ia That lie* 
Vivid, or Principal of Light, as becomes n\\ trormek *, so as Cr.tTcLae, 
Kingly Pric ft doth ta the Soul Appear: and a; a ill idegioom, Greets 
it with fuchakind of Lovc-Giatulathns, as followed!*, 

Mt Bride, send Spottfe, /joy to fee t'»y Soul m r.y Rsghtcess r nc i, and elute 
thou haft pa(i th-orgh a dengerors , Evil, Temp !'rg World , and ha,} tfeaped 
with That tender Life of Muse (in Thee) by which thou an come iy a Conejnerour 
here •, and now behold and vitni the Glo y of n.y Kingdom, which the Father 
hath placed me in, and over, all Principalities, Powers, and Dominions , 
bosh in the Heights abate ; and :n the Earth below \ fo at I can give ton horn l 
mil to Poffeft with me. Jay, for joy, and Gloryfor Glory with me, at /have 
received of my Father, fo freely /give to thee, and at many as front an evil 
World frail breth, andget away ■, and in a Pmc Nahrjl-Spint , in Loves fame 
Thus a fend, 

Aili now ( Oh Spoilfe of Mine) what it it, shat /frottld further for the 
do ; I give Thee Libtrty to askjnofi free, for thou half fund favour bosh wish 
t be Father, and me. 

Whereupon the arrived Travellcr-worfiiips, and Bows before the 
Throne of GOD, and the Lamb* and in great Humility doth wake 
this Reply, faying ia titjLanguage of the Spirit. 

Oh my Lord ! I nuicojm up to this degree, hat fcnfiblc I am, it is all 
of Benignant~Grr cc, mid Love, from my GOD, and Father, and thy 
Spirit, O Lord Chri.t, that my Conduct and Guardian-1’rcngth hath 
been in This my Journey. One greet proof 1 hare had of a mighty 
Strong Guard, with continual f’pp)/ froai ‘I hy leuouin-h’vatt, crclle 
1 Ind fainted, and failed by tiie wry. 

The confidevation of it cakes fecit deep Imprcfdon upon me. that I 
cm at a lofs, and know not .wherewith to par iny L)i-bt- 0 ;>. irg of 
Thankfgivinguatothtc my Gotland liir.gj only accept of what 1 Live, 

C which 

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it A communion btvctn the Saints abwe, 

which i s beyond ?.‘l Soundsof words, that arc tco finite to exprefs praifes 
forfuch liocndJcxjGcodncfs whirl: r.;y Spirit hath telle i fo ia-gely. 

Herre it is new that i do ftudy tc- offer That unto Thee, which hath 
been r.fined, and purified i.7 the Spirit of Lore-burning, given f;e.n 
Thee ccio nit. . t 

Thu then it of Thine Om •r.e. ve, fir J joy to f*fi it jJ mjtj at 
m ifta ’it.-anhghi-?'-Ojfe> »»* onu i lae: No partihail I keep back from 
Thee, hid I ten thou fa;’, d Iir.mjuu’atc Lives to £ive up to Thee, ail would 
be too iia!c to vuntlieitiiicnethci’Love into Ihce, who hath wrought 
out fo great a Redemption forme. 

And now ny Lord , feeing; 1 am thus far admitted into Thy Prefence, 
and Liberty to ss'r. a Bceno, The, for Thou knoweft well what occasion 
I may have Thereof, being yet in the Region of time, where obvious 
1 am to Afliui'ts and Temptations manifold; All be it illuminated in a 

J jood degree of Light in Thee, vet fuhjcct to drawings down by Spirits 
rom this World, ami the Albal Kingdom, thacmay pervert, by mingling 
with the Supcr-CelcltiaJ Parr of the Heart; Knowing and obferving in 
tny day what Mifeart iages among great Inlightncd Saints have been, who 
as bright Stars h3th fhined; and then again, under a Cloud have been. 
Therefore, O my Lord (prcmifing thelcthings ) 1 in Fear, and Hu¬ 
mility am, and dare not trull my Sell at any tune, left that a Slip ont of 
the Right-Way Ihouldbc. Therefore This is my principv Rcquell to 
Thee, that Thy Spirit may be myconftantOverfeer, Guide, and Teach¬ 
er, as lmediatc fromthe Father, and Fountain of Wifdom Flowing from 
Thee; then noErringsfrom die Truth can be. 

This is the one abfoiuic needful Requeft, for we Hand all upon a nice 
Point; and if the Petition of Solomn was fo grateful to Godin His day; 
then I in no wife do doubt ( Oh mv Lo’d) to ask of Thee, the Spirit 
of Truth ; which, ( promiftd by Thee) r:ay never ccafc to be the O- 
rade fixed in me, and ail that do defire to te led Rightly; for it is al¬ 
ready by Thee given, asaCa nion totewareof transformed Lights that 
do pretend to the Right; yet Thou only art the True Light, fpringing 
from within Eflentiaiiy. And as Thou haft this Record been, in me, < 0 h 
multiply of This Spirit of Wifdom, and true Revelation yet mot e fully r 
fo that what remains ye: of Thy Councel and Mind to be frrtherde- 
dared, and known, may Rill fas an Enlightning-Bcarn ) pafs through 
me, and with them elfo who mutually frail in Enoch's Walks be found 
with their faces towards Sion, (the Court of Thy All filling Maiefty.) 

Oh ! Evermore find Room, and Place, forme, and all cf Thiseiiut 
love thy Appearance. 

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Jad the Saints helm, I j 

To fcs Th:c a sThou art will furcly Jut;: .1- into the fame Similitude 
of likencfs unto Thu •» for fo it becomctU v:-h one that (till would keep 
their way open, and free lor Canvcrfaiion: with ail the Ptiviledgcs that 
to the dilating of the Kingdom which (hail be given forth \ with the 
Holy-Cilioft as the Hire Pledge of all tltofe Pcrfettions that may agree 
withOoeocfs of Life and Spirit, with Thee my Lord. Thus 1 have 
offered my Kc-j\icf:s, uni do commit my lilt* to Thy Difpolxr.g, in all 
Terrene natters and Things. 

Heft follows tie Kj&d uni Coer; ecus Reply of the Souls Im¬ 

LL Hail, with Lo t, Peace, and Good will, to the Virgin Spoufe, 
who is in Spirit come up here, to make R:qu:!L for That which fo 
niuca is in congruicy with the Father's Heart and mine. 

This anfwer therefore receive, that This Thy Petition fha!l be fulfilled 
on mv Spirits part,who (lull no: fail to open in thee what hath lien under 
Seals of Secrecy',00 thou but artcndHim,andHj will attend thee,and who¬ 
ever dull watch in their hearts His inovings: for He is the bright Morn- 
ning-Star who is to be the Conduct and Leader of my little Fiock, now 
in my perfonal abl’cncc from this lowei World, where the Evil-tempting 
Tree doth in all Souls fpringt Therefore great need they have 1 know 
of This my Anointed Shield, that may be a defence upon every Onfet of 
perverting Spirits, of which in danger all arc, while in this body Ele¬ 

Therefore I have provided This Spirit of Truth to be with tree for 
Councel, and Comfort, alfo to Guard thee uptor.te, where thou may- 
eft know, and fee, by this Glafs of the bpiric w hat 1 am a doing , and 
making r.ady for the prefent, and future Day (when ur.cloarhed of the 
Garment of Mortality alfo) 8ut for the prefent, come and fee, and tafte 
of the Heavenly-Fare, and Powers, and Joys cf my Kingdom; The 
Spring of Life, and Love fusil rife fo high, as to drink thy Spirit up. 

Thus with me thou Ihaltfeaft and (up, and never empty away to go y 
which (hall be fuch an Encouraging motive as will make thee so bend all 
thy Force, ftill in Spirit to be with me Thy Lover, in my fccrct Pavili¬ 
on, where thou mayeft have liberty of difeoutfe with me in thole weighty 
Affairs that do pertain unto the New-Jcrufalem- State; So then (Ohoooule 
of minc)if This thy Entertainment is,thou wilt fly as a Spar k of Light to the 
Body, that is, the Body and Fulnefsof all Light. Tncfearcthc Sweet- 
Meats, I ihall leave with my Efpoufed ones to feed upon for a refrefii- 
ing fupport till a further day (hail break (though through the Shadow of 
Death) which Hull consummated the Evcrlaftiag Mattiagi-Fcaft, with 

C a n.r 

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»4 A cmmumcn between the Stints abo'Vty 

■e thy Girin and Livin’-head ; with all the Royal Society, and with 
Myriads of Angels that iha’.l their Trcmpcts oi joy foe ad, a: the Lamb, 
aadBrides-Nuptul-Dav and Marrisge-Feaft. 

So Ends thefe Hony-Drops from the Mouth of our dear Immanuel.* 

Now by all this which hath been declared, you mov fee the B'ciTetl 
Mix of an unwearied,ar.d Faithful Traveller to theCity of oar God, which 
may Invite nnd.MIure fuch as have not yet ftt tltcir foot inThis way ;ac J for 
them which have, to make the fame projects, w hich will requite a tho- 
fand times over the Lofs, and pains here fuftained in the way. 

.Oh ye that arc Friends and Lovers of this way, and would an ire to 
be Fellow-Citizens in the Court above with God and Chrift, and cite nu¬ 
merous Company of Spirits, Pure, ar.d Glorious There -, give me leave 
before 1 conclude,to commend thefe following Motives for inconragement 
tofet forward, and go ftviftlv on in this Path of Life. 

The Fit ft Motive is a full allbrancc of all Love-Acceptance, with 
Dear Embraces, and moll free Communications j all Ve ts, and Ears 
taken away, thy Lord Chrift ’ this Mount will (hew Himfelf, ar.d 
talk with thee as God did with Uofet -. Only thou mull put off thy Shoes, 
becaufe it is holy Ground you will tvalk upon: as much as to fay, come 
Here, all Bare Pare, and Clear, leave ail at the foot of the Mo hi., 'fat 
would con t raft of the worlds Earthly Dull ■, then (hall you know, hear, 
and fee. That, which is fo ravifliing for the feeding of all yon divine 
Stefa, that you will fay. It is good to Tabernacle Here; ana fo it may 
be permitted, for fo long time as you can abidecloathcd with the Trans¬ 
figured Robe of the Spirit of Chrift , but That will be but at certain 
times and feafons ■, but ic will be enough to know fuch a thing as This is, 
and yet in the Body of Corporiety. 

Now then the fecond Motive is, that Hereby, It is made acquainted 
with This Heavenly Country, before it quite ieaveth its Mortality in 
this low World; it isan high, and extraordinary Priviledge, to fee, and 
know its place, and company beforehand-, for our Lord Chrift is very 
free to (hew unto the fpiritual-minded, the Principalities, and Dominions, 
and Powers in his Kingdom, and to give a good ad'urancc of bein^ Join- 
Heirs with bim of the'fame Glory, as you may fee John 17, and As”>. 8. 
all this to confirm, what,in every fuceeeding Age, may be as a frcih feai'd 
Evidence, given forth by the moft Holy Spirit. 

Oh who wouldnotamong theNembrrof thelefeardO^sbe? Sore 
it is worth foriaking, and denying whatever of this Temporal-Rate of 
Life, that may obflroft or be any Impediment, to put by, and hinder its 
holding corrcfpojjdency with the Lord and th: Citizens, of That Hcarca- 

1 r 

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And the Saints' lslow . \ j 

Jy Country. The way to hold up tbefc great priviletlges yon have had > 
by an Experienced Traveller dctciibcd. 

Now one retire move is This, that by puting on This Habit of the 
Spirit, v. hereby it •".ay be furniilred with -bmewhai of thofc Amient gift, 
and Powers, which went forth from the Lord Guilt, and the Apoflks 
in their day : which renewed ( nwft certainly ) will be, as a fore-runner, 
that the Reign cl Chrift upon the Earih in his Saints is drawing very 
near; for mere mighty and miraculous Tower mult be given in This 
Age, to go forth as a prtkduim. 

The great Cay of Chrift's Appearance in the World draweth near; and 
for This End fuch Deep and Inwaid tliirgs are revealed beforehand to 
make ready an Efpoufca Bride, that may be found all fair and clear with¬ 
out bicniifh; for fuch a Church, Chrift muft have prepared to Entertain 
him upon this Earth. Of this 1 haveinlargcd upon in my other Treatife 

Therefore as many as this Day arc big with an Expectation of Chrift 
in bis Kingdom appearing, to all fuch lovers , and waiters fork: L.ct 
me commend That of the Apoflle Paid’s, Thtf 5. S'tr, 23, That yon may 
he foitr.d accomplished with all Spiritual Gifts , and VMites, and to he fonndof 
him bUmtlefs ; Such qualified Souls might haften his coming, for it is nor 
the cry of Lot, Here, or There, He will off tart, but to Thofc whom he 
hath by his Spirit, qnickned, and raifed up in his own Inward Spiritual 
Body; to Them he will fir ft appear, and fo go forth as Lightning every 

* Many are gazing to fee him without, but who are they thatwatch- 

* ethinall pureoefsof Heart and Mind within, which will be the rea- 

* dy way to bring him down ; Who will be (in very deed in this laft 
f Age ) the Defire of all Nations ? 

gucr. But Here, meets me a Qpery, What fhall become of the fool- 
ifh virgins that are found allecp ; and oPather Ranks, and Sorts, that 
are dead and buried in Trepades and Sins, when this laft Trumpet lhall 
found for His Appearance f Indeed it will be no dcfuablc Day to fuch 
as thefe arc, who lived wichout a God, and Chri/t, and arc altogether 
Strangers to This Heavenly Country, having loved, and embraced this 
World, and made it their God. Indeed a prefent woe is to them, while 
Joy unfpcakable to the lifting up of the Head, of at many as are re¬ 
deemed out of the Earth-, their Elifsful Day is come which they have 
long w aited for, that do fly as Doves to Chrift their Life. 

Bntfomewhatmore 1 have had revealed unto me as tothofe multitude 
of Souls that have gone out of this Life in an Evil and Unrcgcncratcd 


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1 6 A communion between the Saints above, 

katr, and yet ar:lli 1 going inn defparatc Adventure, not caring what 
hall become of That Immortal Spm k of their Souls. How direful and be¬ 
falling will it be,that they hu.c Loitered and fpent away, That in which 
hey might have gained the privilcdges and Love Intimities which hath 
teen mentioned here; lor nad they but Improved their own Taknr, 
:lie Increafc would have been manifold, to prefent Joy Here, and nr.iu’s 
more, when time with them is to be no more. Let me tell them their 
Lofs, and Sobering is fo great, and thcangmlhof their Souls fo deep, 
as no Tongue can exprefs it. Therefore to the yet Living lec the war¬ 
ning Trumpet found, both to thofe that ate in port tegcncratcJ, aixl 
to them that have nothing of it begun. Oh', arc you not to be excluded 
from Gods Face, and from out of the Kingly Shepherds Fold tliruft 
out, while painfully you will fee Them, that lived in the lame Tempting 
Region with yon, hath over come, and are as ConqucTOUrs fit down 
with Chrift the Lord upon his Throne, while you arc bid to dcpait in, 
to a Prifon-houfe of utter Datkncfs. 

* Admit there (hould b« a Delivery, out Here, at the End of all Gcnc- 
‘ rations, and Ages; Yet Itoiv numerous years may you abide in Thcfc 

* Purging and T tying Furnaces tone DayfHcre,while in th. Body) would 

* have fee forward your work more, than Years in thofe Centers, where 

* you are to be confined; Therefore let This be art acceptable and fca- 

* Tonablc Work to all of this Kind and Sort, who fo carclcfs 3rc of 

* their Soul’s Happinefs, the prefent and future State of Bkfiidncf?. 
Now a word to Thofe that arc in parr Illuminated , but yet flick in 

die Birth, and cannot get forth; the Earthly and Temporal World 

K xa flop to it, that This Pure Life cannot rife to its Perfection. 

Qpeflion is. Ho w will it go with them that gets no further, but dies 
thusfhort, asMilionsof Souls do daily out of this World depart, with¬ 
out having put Chrift on, fo*»/hcir Cloathing, without which there is 
no coming to be Exprefly with Him in the Three Heavens ? 

An Anfver to & Pertinent Quejliom 

‘JN Anfwerto This Qncftion; Be it Known there are provided feve- 
‘i ral-Manfions, and P,egions, by the wife forcfecing Gracious 
* God, that knew how it would be, as to This matter, with the greater 
‘ Number of His own Created Beings; thn’ he had proclaimed, a Love- 
* Redemption, to All by Chrift mapifefted in Flelh , to deftroy , and 
‘ purge Sin out of Flcfh \ which v/e fee is very rarely done in the time 
. of this Life •, where One rcch-th to This Mark , a Thoufand do 

; tnifs 

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An A the Saints below. ly 

4 mifs it ; Therefore for ft eh as were begotten by the Eternal Word , 
‘ and are going on, in a'.I Good willipgrds in their Spiritr-. i t togref*y 
4 (dying jlort offtniihing it) They! be allowed to be in a Paradifical 
4 Region, to Ex.. .i r r their Spiritual Faculties, for the clicking tvhac 
* they were prevented, and hinder'd of Here in This Life : and lb go 
4 on to perfect That State of revfcftion, that fnall make them meet, to 
4 make the Higher remove;, to reach to the Meunt-Sion-Srate, which 
4 is yet more blorioire: And tiro' This has not been onderftcod, orbe- 
4 lieved, yet it is a Truth , that i have received from a good Handy 
4 therefore 1 am bold to publilh it, for all Souls mult pafs through the 
4 Refining, and Calcining Regions, fo prepared for their Purifying ? 
4 osd according to the mesfurer, ard degrees they do attain to Herein 
4 thi* Life: Of this Kintiy the lefs they will have to do in the Life to 
4 come, which will bemuchmoicEufy. 

Therefore it is much upon me to Excite to a prefling forward, that 
the y tray fo run, as to obtain thcP.cfirrcflion-Mark, while in the Bo¬ 
dy they are} bccaufc it will torn to a piefe:it account of Peace, Joy, 
and GJ ary. 

But yet we have fomewhat further to declare, as to the Clearing, and 
Vindicating of the Infinite and llnfearchablc Love of our 
God to the whole Fallen-Race y as to Angtis that have had * *nu 
their time to deceive and tempt all Mankind, which fltall f rm ***"' 
have itsPaiod and End; for All mu ft be redeemed and re- 
llored, to their firft Eftatc; at the winding up of all the various Scenes 
which were to manifeft the Wonders of God’s Wifilom in Love, Power, 
and RighteouCneft. 

But you will fay. This is only a private Revelation, though it be, yet 
I know from whence i*' > y and it l were not ' non fure ground,! Daculd not 
dare to have declar'd it: knowing it rr fumble many ; hut l mult 
pafs That and mnfl re t her:!; f. Truth ; Jn rie to make known, for 
the fqucmiih Stoma:;;5 fake; bet with antendernefs bear with fiich as 
may make fcnrple hereof I'Ve r I ray fsif did the fame, till by Divine feeing, 
and hearing , l was faeisl ed iz this Point) Bur that you may not be al¬ 
together left to my bare Teftimony y Mind That Scripture in the Efhtf. j, 
ind Vtrft i o. 7 h«* i»the fid*iff of Time, hi might gather together in Chrijt 
if rbingt thatart in //one *and Earthconfummattdin him, rehom the Father 
xh fettled for the KeJlitMtn of "f *t Stn had brought into a difo,dirty eon* 

Some Scriptures ,more I could here bt iog, which ate niMtit'Ced eKe- 
rberc by me bncuy, tho’ not Heir 

' Ob 

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iS A communion between the Saints above, 

O'l my Friends ! what more joyful Tidings can come to err Cars 
than This one Evcrlaftuig-Agc, that ftall fwallow up all thofe Ages 
wherein, Sinar.d Death "hath reigned-, with all thofe mifcrable ElTtcls 
that have been ever iince the Creation of this World f Put a new and 
wonderful Model God will bring forth in a new-created State; Echold, 
faith the Lord, ‘ IviRmaks aB things near, the l nd flail retain to its On- 
tinal-Pternary-Being • let none grudge that the Grate oj Cod of tins Latitude 
ts, as to /nakg a compleat Rtfl nutation ■, for as there roes neither Sirs, r.or Cen¬ 
ter to it, foil tnufi be again, tv hen the Hour of God’s Judgment fuatl come, to 
■paft a final Sememe tbertupon, to cafi allintoThbt Luke , and Bottomtefs Pit } 
where Ml of Sin, and Death, Sonotv, and Curje, fhallbctme a Blon- Entity. 
Then nothing of Diabolical Spit it- Catty mote God's Offenders, and hit Crea¬ 
ture difimbers or Tomtentert) flail he •, allThit in the Prophefy o’ f.'irnitf trill 
btkponn, and Everlafiingly rejoyced in, as a fore-runner of This Blifitful f Mi¬ 
le , the Trttmftt of the Ever I a fling G of pel, of Lou, Peace, and Reconcilia¬ 
tion to every Creature capable thereof, in Ftcfir, and out of Tlefis, that are not 
yet fully redeemed, 

4 ThisGofpcl, is not a bare Sound, to be heard only with Eon It is 
' a Spirit that enters in, and gives the power of a Rcfurrcrtion-Lifc, to 
4 the Dead that could no way raife themfelves, neither in todies nor ont-, 

4 ( as is found in their fcvcral Confinement) will hereby be loomed, and 
4 fetfrcc. 

But it may be asked , when Iballftich a general, and oniveTfal Reite¬ 
ration be, at for all Mpoflatited Spirits, and Creatures to be in favour and 
fricndlhip with their God, and Creator again l 

Now in anfwer to thisQi'ery, as to the time, it is known only to 
Godin the Secret Cabinet of his Conned; only it is thus far revealed 
unto me, that it will lie at ,, -'\finifhing of the great Myftcry, when all 
Souls will have paficd chroi bcirPurgation in their fcvcral degrees,tiiac 
lacking is here; for in allCcr. .>arc foundSoals that (hall be brought into 
a purinedStatc, by thorow Humiliation for ail their Mildeeds: And alfo 
when generating (according to ilcfhly L!irths)lhallccafcTn this World j 
Thentr tis general Redemption will be compl<-3tcd, and the Mcdiuting- 
Officeof our great High Pricftlhaty beat an end fotltat he bath nothing 
more to do but to deliver up the Kingdom thus complcated, to his Fa¬ 
ther, that God may be All-in-All, pollening, and fatisfying himfelf in 
all of This his New-creation , which will amount lo a Perpetuity of 
Endlefs Joy, from the various wonders and pleafures that wili fill up Eter¬ 
nity , with tuned Inflrumcnts of Praifcs to the Hojy Trinity in their 
Unity, wit wts from the Beginning. 


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And the Saints beiotl>. i c> 

Thus l have given yon a true, and fi.iglc account of \vh2t i:i n:y Spi- 
ritual Travels 1 have feen, known, and underftood, by being sdroitre 
intoThat Heavenly Coutt, at certain times and leafors^andfliall leave 
this livingTcllimony to the Spiritual-minded, hereof to judge: For 
no other can receive, cr fathom this deep Wifdom of Gcd. 1 flia'J on- 
ly leave This Caution and Advice, asmv concluding cart. 

The Caution is to thofe, who would of the Firic Re.urrc.Lion-Fold of 
ChriXt be ( as mentioned of hath Here been ) that they do not ca vil , 
and difputc the Holy Spirit away from them, by their doub tai Jcaloufv, 
concerning the Kriglitnefs of its Riling , in the Pure inHeait; andfb 
thereby may prevent themfehes of This moll valuable, and precious 
Gift, wkoonly is the true Intelligencer of Goil'sMind, and the Break¬ 
er open of the Sealed Trcafurcs, that arc of That weighty Import, that 
a Soul, that hath found, the Good , and Swcetncfshcre, will fling all 
Impediments away ; that hinder its manifeftetion , and operation in 
the Mind. 

But it maybe objected, there arc many deluded Spirits that pretend 
they are of God ; Therefore it may admit of a Doubtfulnefs, andan 
Enquiry to know the Right Spirit. 

True it is, This may "well be granted, to try the Spirits; but then it 
mult bebyfuch as arc of the true Spirit, of found Judgment, and Di fl¬ 
ee™ in g, that can thctnfelves give a Proof that they Here li ve, and do 
walk in Chrilt his Spirit: And that you may know where This your A- 
nointing is poured forth, bv the Fruits that fuch bring forth; which 
renders another kind of Luc, than can be imitated by a falfc Migu •, 
who may, and do go forth with Erroneous Alarms, and Empty Sounds •, 
which is to be Lamented, and Mourned for, that it isat thij Diy fo fre¬ 
quent ; which fulfilled the Scripture that Thus it will be, as a fore¬ 
runner ofChriftthe Lord's drawing near; and that the ends of the 
World are upon us. But nevcrthclcfs there is a Spirit of Truth, that 
according to Chriit's Promife, is, and will be, plcntcouily poured forth •, 
alfoinThis latter Age, tho‘ permitted, is the falfc, and mised-fpiriud, 
which is a ddign of the Adverfary to nullify, and make void what is front 
the true Spirit of Chrifh 

But let not This flagger, or baffle us out of our Right to aroitionin 
this blelfed Spirit ; but let ic put you upon an Earncli: fcckirg, ard a 
molt watchful Survey what Spirits enter you to fupprcU motions fo rca» 
dy, and numerous; all which bring them up to the Throne in an humble 
Scrupulotity that the Lord in the Spirit, may give forthright Judgment, 
v.hatisPurcof Himfelf; ani whatnot, that may be tumbled i»T, 

D rawed 

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io A communion between the Saints above, 

mixed thing. This ladvif; as my own Experiment, and being found 
thus render, and fearful, of being mifgcided •, you will befealtd, or 
have this Witnefs-Scal, that foall agree with the Record in Heaven, and 
the Scripture Record Here upon the Earth, whereby you will be fetlcd, 
and eftablifhedupona furc Eoundation, in This foaking, and perilous 
Time, wherein, fas it is faid in Daniel) many lhall run to and fro, to 
the Low Here, and Low There, by which that will be tried. 

But fo far as I am made acquainted with the Mind of Clirill, I can¬ 
not but give my Judgment, that it is more fafe, for each one in His own 
Lot, and Pitchcd-7 ent of the Spirit in themfelvcs, for to abide till the 
Seventh Angel (hall the Right and True Trumpet found ; Then the right 
gathering oi" Eagle-Spirits, where thclHight Eodv of Glory, will through 
all Clouds appear \ and as the Ever lading San, Thine forth at once to b; 
feen throughout the whole World, as This outward Sun in our vifiblc 
Firmament y fo This Son in the one InviCble Element lhall from Himfelf 
enlighten the whole Earth -, that, asDcres, they mayfiy to their Ever- 
laiting Sabbath of Reft. 

Even lo let us be found waiting for This blefled and glorious Appear¬ 
ing of our Mighty God and Saviour, in the which Mortality foil be 
fwallowed up of Immortality; Even fo y Come Ijrdfefiu quickly ( filth 
the Spirit of thcB'ide, who is making her felf ready to come to the 
Marnage-S-ppcr of the Lamb) where ia Spirit I do beforehand fee the 
Feaft of Toy, and Melody that prepared is. ’ 

Therefore my Iaft concluding Word and Prayer is, that you may ail 
upon your Wacch-tower keep, and be careful that you let not any thing 
or This Worldly Stuff make voa foil into a Deadly and Dangerous 
Sleep j and fo be prevented of a’ prcfcr.t po.Teffion of Thofe Ineffable Fe¬ 
licities and Sweet Immunities, that in Til* little Volume is made men¬ 
tion of. In the which Hope, that to whom .'his that is written Here, is 
and (hall come, may Caution, and Excitement be, toGirdupdofe, and 
remember to keep unfpotted from This World: And fo you will have 
right to cat of the tree of Life. So farewel. 

F 1 K I S. 

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Md the Saints below « %i 

jnly the 16. 169;. 

A S my mind was environed with 3 Divine Light which opened the 
great defign of God's Love in the Redemption of the fallen lapfed 
State of all Mankind.* That Scriptttrc being fet before me in Caimh. j 5, 
^3. Ron. 5. n. to tlx end. The ftrsl jlfcn was made a Living j the 
Jttond font tht Lord from heaven , rr.ti made a Quick* in’ Spirit. And lo 
as from hence it was Ihownto me, that the firil created Image, and Form 
was never intended for an Abiding-Str.e •, if admit he had continued as 
he was firft created, God from before the Foundation of the World 
purpofed far higher, and more excelling Glory 3 for as much as a Spit it 
traefeend in its Quality and Effence more than That which is of a Soul 
in its confifttncy. Chrift the Lord being one Eternal Spirit, in, and by 
Which wearcraifedoutof the Fall, and qtiickncd into Spirit, where¬ 
by wc come to partake of an United Purity, Wifdora, Power, and Glo¬ 
ry with him. 

But here it may be faid, this now is not evident, or come forth to all 
die whole World,which feemeth yet to lie in an Apoiiatiz’dState. Jo.1- 2. 

Itmuftbefo,foratimc, and time, and halftime, and then the finiih- 
ing of the TianfgrelTiort and Sin will be.* For then will Cbrift tk; eternal 
Root of Riyhteoufr.tfs , in all, and over ail, fprlng : So, atari Vnhtrfal Re¬ 
ft oration to all fallen jliigtli and Spirits , in Bodies, andottt, nil! by Ckrift the 
quuknii/j Spirit befet fite. Eph. 1. to 10. 

But of This Jubilc, an allowance of time will be for the working out 
this more general Salvation, for many are the degrees of purifying, 
which all Souls mull pals through; ar.d fuch as do negleft * Tl . G> r { . 
their Day, during the time of this Life, as to the New- freiU cei !» t be 
Birth, and Regeneration 3 there is a Law of Neceffity Seed tr Souls dt- 
for them to go through it, after the time of this Life, in 1*»tet 
Centers and Regions, which are provided in other Worlds,which are to 
be palTed through. 

But herefrom arifeth an Obicftion, that if it be fo that die Grace of 
God be of this Latitude as to f2ve AIL, Univerfally, it 
may open a door for giving a prefumptuous Liberty to *®* 5. fi. 
fome; becaufc Grace has thus far reached as to have a- 1 s ' ,, ' 

njr hopes of Redemption after this Life is ended. 

Now a* to This, let all know, that it isaPunilhment and Hrllenough 

Da to 

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ix A communion between the Saints above, 

to fee their Fellow-Creatures entred into Rdtand |oy ; and they in La- 
bo;ir and Work, having all to do, that tends to a Renovation; and how 
long they may be in Punilbment, It wiil be according as the Wickcdnefs 
of their living Here have been, in all manner of Evil, and Sin, Nume¬ 
rous Years may f r end away. All which time, they livecxduded from the 
Lord’s Prcfcnccof joy: All which may be Argument and Motive ento 
all to improve their Mortal day, which, if they knew what others do 
paftef', they would not lotc what may be enjoy’d of the Powers of the 
Eternal world, while abiding in this very World, which jsa Forerunner 
and fure Pledge of what after the Dillolution of the Body Avail bccn- 
lred upon y which Here for encouragement, I do give force inftance from 
what fome have attained unto \ who have lirft given up for loft, th: many 
Lives for to live That one Lite, which isChrilt-, which only gives Reft 
from a Reftlcfs World, and weary Life: For whereever God inChrilt, 
in the Spirit doth abide fo purely, they may often be taken up in the 
Spirit, into Heavenly Court, There to fee, and .view what makes Dp 
the Heavenly-born Family. 

But take Notice fuch as comes up here, will find themfdves as ano¬ 
ther Tranfisted-£/»cd», that may keep their Walks with God; in which 
Path of Light may be fecn the Seraphims y and Cherubim/-, guaiding along 
nptoThisSion-Seatof Glory, In which filled up with Light-ftreamers 
of Glory, delighting the Heavenly Train of Saints, There, all appear¬ 
ing in Robes cf Glittering Garments, which Here do follow Chrifuheir 
Head, in great Order, according to every One’s Degree, Rejoicing with 
Him by whom they have overcome, and gotten Vidoty overall World;; 
now to reign as Kings with Chrilt their Mighty Lord and King, this 
Mount-Sion-World, thus open-fac'd, and was feen. 

Thenfaw 1 all thefe Innumerable Hirone-Princes, their Homages and 
Obeyfancej given to the<High, and Lofty Alpha, triumphing forth Re- 
deeming-Praifes. Oh how plcafant it is to fee what an United Love- 
Hermonv from the Highelt to the Loweft degree ofThefe Glorified Saints, 
all with Crowns, but fome more highly Dignified j as Kingly Priefts, 
which had Brcaft-Plates, fet all with Stones that fparkled out with Sparks 
of Fire. 

Thefe, all next to the Glorified Petfonof Chi ill, had their Golden 
Tents, and their Temple to Worlbip* the Form of which was only a 
more Chriftaline Light, which GodtheSuprcamMajefty opened to be the 
Glory of it; to which the lower Ranks and Orders of Spirits, were 
fooctimes admitted to worihip There. 


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/nd the Saints below ♦ i ^ 

Thu? is this Holy and Heavenly Aileaibly Imploycd and Excrcifcd with 
all variety of Motion tending to a Divine Adoration to the Rock Eter¬ 
nal, which docs multiply amonglt them mofc Amazing, and renewed 
Wonders, which gives perpetual Matter to renew Love-Admirations. 
So that I was given to underltand, that in this World was no collation of 
Spiritual Vocation; for out of God's infinite Depth 3nd Folncfs fhould 
Matter ftill renew, and alfo with Power be endowed, as fixed in the Hu¬ 
mility, all skilfuily, and learnedly to aft and do after the manner and 
way of God their Life Root; and Being fubjefted always to the Laws of 
of this New World and Kingdom. 

But Liberty is granted to many of this holy order that of the higheft 
Saintfhip are to communicatc to them who arc not yet come up to their 
degree, they may help them much in order to the bringing thefe their 
Fellow-Members higher up, the great Saints will much delight in this 
Office and Service to their Fellow-Members; for their Joy cannot he 
compleatcd until all come up nnto the Unity of Love, in a pure Dei- 

Now to make out this, there was (hewn to me fomc chief ones in 
the Miniftryof Love, as Enoch, and Abraham, John the Apoftle, and 
Paul, with others of their Order, that had golden Vials given to them 
to pour forth for Annointing and Healing; and Peter , with fomc of his 
Rank to unlock Crnters, and fet free thofe ? who in thofc upper Re¬ 
gions wanted to be pcrfcftly fet free, and in this lower World alfo. 

Now follows an enquiry whether there may not be a corrcfpondcncy 
and intercourfe maintained by thefe Holy and devout Souls, who are 
departed this Body as to any Love orPleafurein it, living yet here) fuclt 
afiurcdly are very capable to hold, and to have a holy League, and very 
near Affinity with the glorified Perfonof thrift, and with the heaven¬ 
ly Frame of Glorified Saint?, which have put on Bodies of Immortality, 
for the high Illuminated Souls, fpirited with Chrift’s Spirit Here, but 
yet abiding in Bodies Corporal, they may have libercy of rccouffc 
by the Spirit into the divine and light Principle, where the antienc 
Worthies are, who would moft willingly meet and confer with ns about 
the things pertaining to our Progrefs to the Kingdom of Chrift; 
they arc very free to dilcourfcus in what may refer to a perfeft Life, 
that fo we may be made meet to come up to them in unity of love 
to God,as in Triune-Deity, which fillethall There with a full Body of 


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24 d communion between the Saints above, 

But it may be asked how, and after what W2y dots Spirits accom¬ 
pany Souls here that are Spiritual? Is it by Apparition, or com-min¬ 
gling by Spirit? in aufwer hereunto, according to my prefent mcafure 
ar.d experience I find it very rare in this latter Age that they vifit Souls 
by vifibJe Apparition, (though fometimes they may) as Mofes and Ettas 
appeared to the LordChrift, firce whofe Afcention all of this kind is 
tranfafled more Invifibleand Eflential, by pafl'ng in the way of a Spirit, 
and having, and influencing our Souls, through which there is a Tweet 
congruity, and a. reciprocal Love, which is alfo in our Spirits to¬ 
wards them, that hereby they often draw up to them our more Su- 
periour Angel to be in Heavenly Places with them, being very affable 
and friendly to (hew their Princely Thrones, and their delightful folaces 
and enjoyments they have from the perpetual motion of thiTriune-Deity. 
Now as any Soul here below do find Chrilt their Root of Love in them, 
as their true Original, for fccuring their Love, firft in the eternal Fa’ 
ther, and Spirit in Chrilt the Lord, then molt cafily may we, without 
being guilty of Spiritual Idolatry in this, pay a veneration of Love, and 
high refpeft to thefe great Potentates, that have Power to befriend us 
opon many Accounts, tliat we may need their affiftance. For during the 
time of our Probation in this Life, fo it is altogether expedient that we 
get acquaintance with the Servants in this high and Heavenly Court, for 
they may do us many KindnefTes, as they are in Offices of great truftfroir 
their head Prince and Ring} it is made known to me, that holy and good 
Souls have lolt much as to the knowledge of Divine Arts, and Holy 
Skillfulnefs to do and ait forth the wonders of the heavenly Power in 
manifold Wifdom, as Chrilt, Mofes and Elias, and the Apoftles in 
their day did. , • 

Now it may be demanded, what in Scripture have you to authorize 
this Aflertion, or Revelation? 

Firft wc bring you that of the Hcbrtvts, We are come to Mt:mt Sion, 
to Cod, the judge of all, and to the Spirits of juft Men made pcrfcQ. Sec 
furtherhereinto, Heb. i j, at. «. if there were no more it fpeaks full 
enough to the purpofe to the confirmation that the Saints here upon 
Earth are allowed to come up to the Mount Sion perfeft Spirits in Hea¬ 
venly Places, and do maintain a holy Conference mutually as there is 
to be Inftanced in the fifth Chapter of the Revelations , verfe 4. How 
that the Elders talked ruth Hie Apoftle John, and did (how him fevc- 
nl things. Chap. j.ver/»k' *4. And likewife in Daniil , where Daniel 
asked queftions, and heard one Saint from the Heavens fpeaking one un¬ 

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And the Saints below. ay 

toanother forrefolvingof Dsmtl in his Enquiring? •, fo that nereis a 
cloud of Witnefles to beck it, befides what of this kind is known by 
fonic in this prclcnt time and Age, who do obcain and retain feverai of 
thefe Heavenly Intclligents, whereby Knowledge is communicated, and 
the Invilible things and objects there made mar.ifefl to fuch as are in 
Corporal figures. 

Now to inltance fomewhat relating hereunto. In the fivft place,we give 
you tojundcrlhand, whoever they be who would this Privilcdge know, 
and come to enjoy with holy Angels, or feparated Souls, they are to be 
freed and fequeftred in Heart and Mind from all mortal Entanglements, 
as if they were divefted of a grofs Body with its Impediments, and fo 
referving themfelves in a molt inward Purity of Heart and Mind; with¬ 
out which habit of fpiritualliry, there is no commencing of this ac¬ 
quaintance witheithfr Angels, or Patriarchs^ Prophets, or Apoftlcs, or 
any Evangellical Saints fmee thofeAges, for they having put on Incor- 
ruption and Glory, and quite redeem'd out nf the Earth, they will not 
touch no more with fuch as are defiled with corruptible things y now 
fuch Perfon? that Hand thus pure and clear, they may have mucbAlM- 
aucefiom thefe Throne Spirits and Powcts in their way and travel to 
their Heavenly Country^ for thofe Angelical Spirits that once liv’d in 
Flefh, do more nearly fympathife with us in all our Infirmities, and 
therefore all feelingly they tenderly confider our ceuipting-ftate, and give 
themfelves out molt readily for our help? nay they are Advocates, and do 
remind the Lord Jcfus of their Prophelies, that they may have their fuJl- 
filling upon ut. Of this fort and degree, they are the choiccft and 
created in the Kingdom of our Lord, and have very (lately Pavil¬ 
ions which are pitched round the Majefty of theJrW-s&God, whofe 
Paviliion is fo dreadfully bright, being mingled with numerous Co¬ 
lours, fo oriental and fine, that ai glittering Stones they do fliine $ 
and above this is fpread a wonderful Element, which dilatetli it felf 
all over thefe upper Heavensj it feemeth to confift only of a ttanf- 
parent golden Mid, which giveth a marvellous golden luftre for the 
Pleafures and Delight of ihe inhabitants of this Heavenly Orb; Here 
fometimes the Lord Chrift enters into the Father’s Royalty, and the 
Holy Ghoft, and the feven Spirits which appear as radient and 
fparkling Flames •, and when I enquired about them what their Of¬ 
fice was, one of the chief Elders told me they were the feven Invifi- 
ble Counfcllors, and mighty Powers, equal with the Trinity, by which 
the old Heavens and Earth fhould pafs away in Mortal Creatures, 
and alfo in the room of whichfhould fpring all new. This 

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i 6 A communion bitween tne stints avo re, 

T/iif new mold of Creatures, both here and elfewherc in other Re¬ 
gion! are by thefe feven Spirit! to be performed, and alfo by the go¬ 
ing forth of thefe feven fold Powers, that are to do the great won¬ 
ders in rhehigheft Heaven*; and fo palling down to this lower Earth, 
which time for their fending forth, -I was informed approach'd very 
near, wherein they fbouid be feenro move, and turn ail Spheres up- 
fidedown} Now the next marvellous appearance that opened, was 
the Virgin; Her Place and Manfion war pitched betwixt the Sopream 
Majefly of the Father, and the Throneof Glory of the LordChrift; 
Her Beauty and Comelincfs being great, eloathed with the Cloud*, in 
which there was fuch a filver brightnefs, and on them fixed Stars of 
Gold, with golden Hair banging down, with a Crown upon her Head, 
more excel ling than others, and numerous Virgins, the honourable ones, 
fuch as loved, and miniftred to the Lord Chiift here on Earth, and 
alfo to her •, Thefe bad Seats round about Hers-j it would fill up a great 
Volume to give a Particular of the greatnefs of the Glory and Mag- 
n ficencyof this Heavenly Court; a thoufand degrees of BletTeducfi it is 
rohaveaPlace, and a Name enter’d among this Aflembly. 

Npw it was fhewn me that this Glorious Virgin was She of whom 
- the* Lord Chrift was born in FleJh, whoistbe Figure 
* Or ebrifl tii Ijtri- of the eternal Virgin, which was from Eternity, by 
whom is recover’d all of Eves Generation of Lolc 
Births, in which the Virgin-Purity was defiowred j but out of this 
Virgins Womb brought forth, and made manifeft in time, Angelica! 
Births again fora new u eased HeAt wC f$icit.iul born Creatures, be¬ 
gotten by the Holy Ghoft, wherein the unfathomable Myftery of the 
Wifdoro, and Love of God is made manifeft to the lapfed Hate which 
came in by Adam and Eve, fo that we are to reckon our felves born 
anew into the unity tending to all Purity of Perfeflion with Chriftour 
Firft Born from the Dead, and for to appropriate this Eternal Virgin 
for our fupernatural Mother; It is to be oblervcd thofc Words which 
our Lord did let fall when he was upon theCrofs, to thebeloved Job*, 
faying to him, Beheld thy Mother (which jmj the Virgin Mary, tv ho irai 
the Rtyrtfentative of the Eternal Virgin.') So that from this it may be 
concluded, that the Lord doth transfer this priviledge of Adoption, 
whereby we may entitle this Virgin for our true Mother •, Now then 
from hence let us confidcr what great good we may expcdl, and pro¬ 
mise our felves from this our eternalVirgin Mother .that now is very great 
in Wifdom, Majeftv, and Power, who cannot but be more naturally 

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And the Saints be/o'b>. ^ 

fympatbifmg with her Children, who arc to Ijc brought up aftertha 1 
high born degree and quality in Wifdom and Sanctity, a>°may be alter the 
Cmilitudc of their Virgin Mother: Now no iittlc care and concern is 
upon her is may relate unto her Childrens divimand Ipiritanl Edu¬ 
cation to keep them up to it whilft they arc in this pcriilous, tempt¬ 
ing, evihWorld, and whilft they are nuking their parage through it, 
therefore feeing we hare futh mighty paternal Powers in heaven!/ 
Places* as i he Triunity of the Father, Son, and Spirit, with the Vir¬ 
gin Wifdom, 1 and the, le/en Spirits, and the Court of Miniliring An¬ 
gels, and all the Evangelical Spirits to be our Friends in this moit 
Holy and fcparatcd Place, thac all concurring together my fetch 
us off from the Earth, and the temptations which therefrom do be¬ 
fit us vtith Legions of Spirits alfo, which inwiiihly do wind and twilfc 
their falfc Injections into our Minds, upon which account excited, we 
8 re to make ufeof all thefc fecuring Dignities for our help. 

f The- next thing to be conlidered of in relation of this new ofl- 
fpringthac arc thus.born.froinonhigli, and yet ate found to lire here 
below in Bodies Elemcntaiy. 

The Query is from hence, what is to be rheir Bnfinefs and Employ, 
feeing none in the Heavenly World do remain idle, therefore it isex- 
ptffed that all of Virgia \ 7 ifdonfs Children Ivcrc upon Earth fhoukl lie 
in fomevrhat or other excrciled, which may fuit and agree with their 
Eternal and Spiritual Defeent, which is proper to them that arc qnick- 
ned, and made one Spirit with the Lord from. Heaven, Heavenly. We 
are not in this Place to meddle w“hthe outward Min’s Ctlling, what 
dojicrtain to him in this World, but hereto give out the Rules of 
Divine Wifdom, as to her Children, which are in number Three. I he, that they leamto know thcmfclves as to their original Pte-cx- 
ffttney 1 io God the Father, and brought forth through the VVouvj of 
the Eternal Virgin, a pure iimplified Spirit. 

r.i Thcifccond Rule is to conlidcr .and contemplate the triune God .as 
trmFather of.fach: Spirits holy ar.dfwrr, feeing the ghfs of the works 
of’ his Greation in his-manifold WiT 3 om made manifcfl chen-io, as 
Love, Prnverj Dmnipbrency, with all goodnds and kindnefs to what 
he hath tCreaced. 

r A third Rule is, that we ftudy . from all this Knowledge, to come 
to lovc T andblafs, fear, - and.-adore, k pay ingall. Reverence, .and pi api¬ 
cal Conformity to the. Life of Chrift,.all which will hy a Foundation 
for what is to follow is tejldingtQ whatsis needful- to accompany 

£ this 

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i8 A communion between the Saints abo<vt, 

this high and heavenly Calling, which may anfwer to the Kingdom of - 
the Saints in the upper World, which are the gifts which have been 
much loft, and have had their ceffation. among the Saints in thefe late 
Ages, but now the Virgin Mother calleth upon her Children to be 
looking after the rclloration of them, that, fo they may be employed 
and exercifed in the works that Chrift the Lord fpeak of, H’.ould fol¬ 
low thofc who did believe in him, which are to to be the fealing Vit- 
nefs of the Holy Gholfs coming, .and going • forth in afting Powers 
through Mortals: A T ow it may be asked what are thefe Gifts that are 
fo needful and proper to Wifdoms Children.. 

The fivft is the Tcftimony of Jefus the Lord, which is the gift of 
Prophefy, which is of very great ula and fcrvice to the Church hereon 
Earth, to have a forefight and knowledge of what things arc yet to 
come, i hat all may be warned who are the Friends of the Bridegroom 
to make ready for his Kingdom and Appearance, which nowin very 
deed is knocking at our Doors- Bleficd arc them that underiland 
the voice of Prophecy, and have it in thcmfelves. 

The fecond Gift is to have the Gift of Revelation - opened as a fpring 
that flows with Heavenly Doctrine fora true Tcacbing-Miniftry to go 
forth with, to give feeding from a frefa Pafture, which hath not - n de- 
Sled by nnwafhed Feet •, the Holy Spirit do now in fomc foretell fuihPrin- 
cipai Shepherds are now to ftand in this Latter Day upon th: Earth, that 
ftall not freak from Littcral Tradition, but from the Revelation of the 
Holy-Anointing, the pure, and molt excellent words of Wifdom,-which 
will notbeintnc weaknefsof the LcHer, but in the ftrengthand powet 
df the Spirit fo made known.' 

The tnird is thc Gift • of Vifion , which is not by light of the mortal 
Eye, for that is too grofs to fee'Spiritual Objefts. Now.todefcribe the 
moO fore and right kind cf vifion, isto have Eyes withirr fixed in the 
heat; a bright and clear Underlhnding, through this Organ of light, 
from pure and divine Light, God in Chrilk may be feen, and Girin as in 
the Glory of the Father, aad the Eternal Spirit llreaming forth from 
both Father and Son. Sometime thus feen allinOne, and acethertimei 
Diftinfb, and yet never divided, Thus is the Holy Trinity feen through 
the Pure Chriltelline Globe of the Eternal Wifdom.’ Ohtcntrrmaml 
degrees of Happinefstofuchasare thus Divine and Spiritual; feeing fo 
as to be taken up in viewing and fpecolating the CekJJal and Light- 
World, as filled and fnrnLhfd with . -ch variety of all amiable Objetii, 
as Seraphims. Cherubiun,- and ftvcral Degrees of thefe about God’s 
Throne, with th* numerous Company of Angelical Spirits, which once 

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And the Saints below, ip 

did live in Mortal Forms are There to be feen, all cloath?d with EctJics 
of Spangling*L : ght. What the eye of the Spirit and Mind doth Here 
fee, may well draw, and efifedt the Heart abundantly. 

Now to proceed to the fourth Gift, which is the Key that openeth the 
Kingdom of the Power y which being endowed with, do roe-work with 
the Powers in Heavenly Places, for binding, and loofning, Hunting up, 
and opening; which Power will be granted for to aft, and do might y, 
and marvellous Wonders, according to what by the Saints in former A- 
ges have been carried forth in this World to do. And fure, fuch is the 
prefent Time and Age which we now live in, that do call for Greater and 
more marvellous Works, than yet have been done. Seeing that the Con* 
fufions and dill relies throughout all Nations look feydreadful upon us,that 
all Need there is of an E/W/s-Spirit toarife up nmongftus, that may 
turn the Hearts of Fathers to Childien, and pour out Oil for Reconcile¬ 
ment, and healing the bleeding Wounds of Wars and Dhillons, kind¬ 
led up into a Flame through all Nations, which only the flrong impow- 
ered Angels that are filled with Spirit of Anointing , lhall in this Latte- 
Day rife, for the quieting thefe North-Winds, that from thefe Tem- 
pelcuous Seas of this World do fo furioEfly blow ■, for it is feen that Deli¬ 
verances to this Nation, will not by Carnal Weapons of Slaughter be ef- 
foftcd.but by the lifting up of the Standard of God’s Spirit of Power onl\. 
Now for the coming forth of which Power we are looking and halloing 
for, in order to the making way for that Kingdom of Peace and Love, 
that mull over the whole Earth fpread; Even fo, Come Lord Jefus, to 
reign on the Earth in thy Saints powerfully. 

The fifth Gift is, thelayingon of Hands'hy fuch as are P.aptifed with 
theHoly-Ghoft, which being filled with, may convey, and let into, fuch 
prepared Souls which have waited for it; they may Hereof partake, and 
be infpired from fuch a virtual fiery Touch , andthcrcfiom be fo highly 
Illuminated and Deified, as to be made New Creatures in very deed. 
Fromthis Ruby TindtmingDyc, a God-like Purity and Power,may fed* 
denly arife, to Anatomize, and burn up the grofs, corrupt, and earth* 
ly part. 

For we doeeperimentallyfind, that all Spiritual Medicines are too 
fhort and weak, for the rooting out the Venom of Sin, till the Holy- 
Gholt do enter in to refine, and purify the VefTcl within, which may up¬ 
on fomecocne in more immediately, by God’s own Hand 5 and then a- 
epin, by a Medium, a9 the Holy-Ghoft lhall take up any to convey him- 
fclf, by their laying on of Hands, which is not to be underftood barely 
of the outward hand* j butas the inward Power; and rich Virtue in the 

E a Spirit 

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;o A communion between the Saints abo'vcy 

Spirit of Faith and Prayer, fhall be breathed forth ; forfo it was, when 
by the Apoftlcs in their Uay, the Holy Ghoft was given forth. Oh how 
G cat, how Wonhy, is thi»Gift, being the Root and Spring from whence 
all miraculous Works, both inward and outward , do proceed. 

Now from this Holy Anointing the Healing-Gift may alfofin ing, for 
the curing of all bodily Infirmities; for as much as the Mortal Form and 
Figure, which we bear, is the Temple of the Holy-Ghoft; and it being 
of a corruptible Matter, of Flelh and blood, fubjed to putrefa Aion, and 
thereupon painful Difeafesdo breed; yet thisofren helped hath been, 
and Cures have been performed upon the impotent Body , by the Omni- 

E of th» Holy-Ghoft, moving through Mortal Creatures: as we 
vc numerous inftanccs both in the Old and New-Yeftamenc, and alfo 
linccChrift and the Apoftlcs, by Saints of a Idler Degree, who have 
been ufeful to thofe upon Sick and Dying Beds, who have been railed up 
inoft miiaculoully. And this Power will ftill attend to the Worlds end, 
fuch holy Souls as can retain their VclTcIs, this All-healing-Balfam^aving 
Love-Pity to their Fellow-members, may much rdcafe, and help in 
greateft Extrearaity; Hut this Power is noc at all timescommandfcblc by 
any Cveatnrely Will: The Apoftlcs themfelves could not ait it forth 
upon the Sick, but as the Holy-Ghoft moved upon them ; neither can a- 
ny that received this Gift, but as the Holy-Ghoft ltirrciii this Healing- 
Pool within them, which watching to Healing-waters, may flow foith' 
toefFeft a'l Cures bodily, which is a great Immunity belonging to Wif- 
dom’s Children, that arc obfervant to all her Rules and Commands, inoft 

Thusmaying given an Account of what theSpirit of Chrift hath given if, 
as to what is expected and required for the accomplilhing fuch as arc to 
m2kc up for an Efponfal bride to him. Therefore it is ablolutely need¬ 
ful, that we Ihoald be furnifhed out with fuch Powers and Gifts, as may 
qualify for fuch an High Marriage-Union , with the Firft Bceotten-Son 
and Heir of the High God, who doth moft willingly give out, and be¬ 
queath thefe five golden Talents here mentioned ; that fo a Stock ofSpi. 
litual Goods being taken in, may be to fupport, and carry on the Hea¬ 
venly Calling withal; which iffound diligent in,may mount toamighty 
Erereafe, forthc making of a Dowry fo great and large, as may fome- 
what agree with him, with whom we are to be matched unto: So here 
we fee what is appointed, and cut outtobethe Saints Bufmefs and Em- 
ployment. which is not mean but high and noble , anfvvcring to that of 
the glorified Saints in the World above, who will in this Holy Calling, 
oar FaftorssndCorrefpondentsbt, and interns frequently ; And as thole 


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And the Saints below* 31 

who are wore skilful ar.d knowing in This way than Mortals can be, will 
very friendly the Ignorant inform •, ana luen among us that may be more 
knowing ftill ibmewhat more fccrct and deep, out of the Eternal Vir¬ 
gins Center may us meet. by all which the Saints here upon the Eaitli 
may heeby be nude meet, for io be Companions to them of high Degree 
in Heaven. 

1 fhall now this Subject conclude, praying with all Prayer in the Spirit, 
for an Increafc of the Number of l'uch es may be diligent Followers ol I his 
High and Mighty, and moll advantagious Calling. Happy and blellcd, 
thoufandsof degrees are fuch, who chilling, arc "made Partakers of this 
heavenly Vocation, and that {hall i'o prize the Priviledge hereof, as to fee 
light by all that iba ‘,1 hinder, and Hop the freedom of This All-fyiiitu- 
al Employ wherein exercifcd as high born Spirits, tliey may be in Love 
with the Eternal Unity. 

The Manner of Chrift's Appearing. 

H Earken, 0 Daughter of Sion , Behold thy Baetermom comeih no more a 
Servant , fa-t to he ferved by aH Hejb j The Word that trot mamfeft 
in I Iffti reign in Spirit , to Prepare for Chriil't Kingdom to come into a vifible 
Dominion Here upon the Earth, by Stgnt and Miracles , wrought by the Spirit „ 
in fornt of Flept to confirm Chrift the Lord U Coming to appear inhis Saner, 
to fet tbcM over the Earth. 

For to the Daughter of Sion the Dominion JhaVbe refiered through Marriage 
Union mth the Lamb oJCod. 

7 lit is tie fir ft Rtfurtellion of the Holy People , which Jhaff be the Trumpet* 
Voice , that fitJl attain the reft that lie Dead in Sin. 

T HcHonrof God’s Judgment will thus come upon the Evil Nature 
that hath hitherto reigned in Man: the Spirit fhall be fo fully poun- 
ed .forth upon Thefe firft Rifen-Onc, as to go forth with a quickenning- 
Life, to raife the Dead Spiritually, and Bodily y This (hall be the Terri¬ 
ble Day of the Lord, lor the condemning and deflroying (not Perfons, 
but) the Sin in Flcfh,fo it is declared unto me, which will befuifiUed-in its 
Srafon and Time *, which time will be when the wind of the Spirit fhall 
rife more flrongly, for the Holy-Ghofl is to be the latter day Glory 
pi ophefied of, and the Expefled Kingdom of Chrift to be manifefted 
Here, upon the Earth, in which he will Reign Pcrfonally in his Saints, 
who anointed are, fit ft, with fuch meafures of the Spirit, that do high, 
ly fanftify, which do prepare for this great Day of the Thonfahd Years 


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Of Cbrijl’s Appearance. 

Reiga Prophefiol of, but whether it be fo to be undcr/lood according to 
our numberof Years, is not to be determinated; bat glorious Reign in 
the Spirit there will be before Guilt in HU glorified Perfon will come 
dUHnctly upon the Earth, to turn it into a Paradife, to make thefe lower 
parts of the Earth glorious, upon which in the hit of times he will fcand, 
and model it into a Chriitalline Land, which will be New-Earth and 
Heavens, as declared of in Scripture is j So from hence it is made known 
to me, whit the work and buftnef* of our prefent Age, and Day is, 
which is to pafs daily through the Baptizing River, that may drown, and 
keep all of Sin down, that the Spring of Rightcoufncfs may rife, for the 
true walhing of Regeneration; Then will the Holy-Ghoft be renewed, 
and fet up his Reign in Souls, and will cxercifc Power and Dominion, fo 
as it (hall be known Jehovah-Shammah, the Lord and Mighty King lire- 
etb and reigneth Here j for this muft be the Forerunner of that more 
great and notable Day of Chrift, as to his Appearance in his own Per¬ 
sonal Glory .It isadvertifed me, that there is much to be done in the King¬ 
dom of this World by a more plentiful Effulion of the Spirit then yet 
hath been i Therefore eachone in their own Jcrnlhlem within be waiting 
for the Spirits Day, which is the great Increafe, and mighry Power that 
will turn the World npiide down ; Thcreforenothing is more expedient 
for the halbiing this lileffed day of our Lord's Appearance. 

Therefore aU that are Watchmen, and Holy-Scers to found out That 
Trumpet of the Spirit, that may gather the Dove-Spirits together to 
wait in Love-Unity, that the Thoutand Years Reign may have a fpeedy 
beginning, andentiancey upon the which it will follow, as enquiries 
made intoThis SpiritsRcignand Dominion, Ihall hereunto be encourag'd. 
Eva fo, and Amen, in ihe Spirit; Come Lord Jefus quickly. 

A Dialogue btrwixt Chrijk, and tht Spirit of my Mind , which was upon 
Enquiry, whether 1 might not be Initiated into a prefent Dowry, and 
Spoafe to my Lord .• to partake of the Heavenly Poflellions, which he 
Himfclf is Inhericourof, as the Father’s Heir ? 

Aud it was replied nnto me, .Tea farcly, Jt mill fo foSow to be, to the Soul 
that hat futon tht Deiformation of Chriibthe Lord \ fitch , hath a Good and 
right Claim to Hit Per fon and folfeffiont. And when thus believed, and ap¬ 
prehended, Liberty is granted for to draw out of this Stock, and Trea- 
fury, as the prefent occalion (hall require y for out of this Fulncfs an Em¬ 
ptying into the moft holy and fanfbfied Vcficl may he moft eaffly, pro¬ 
portional to its Growth and Degree For my Lordfaid to me, 

Yoa are not ignorantly to fuppofe that I willingly do hold back from 
thatwhich Rands in Unity with me; Euttheteisa Caufe if any Hop be. 


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Of Cbrijl’s Appearance 3 j 

Then replied my Spirit, Oh my Lord l Let it be given to mt to know, and 
underjiAnd where the Objlruiliont hath lien ? 

jinfveered l m.u, That the Veil of not Knowing, and not Believing 
the Things reported of, which do of tight belong unto my virgin Spoufc; 
alfo wanting are holy Boldnefs, and Courage to come freely, and cake 
wbatismine, and make it yonr own ; For be it K nown to Thee, Itisfar 
from Me, toingrofs to My felf, what the Father hath fo much, and li¬ 
berally bellowed on Me , was it not that I might give out as Plente- 
oufly ? Therefore come with full Afiurance of Faith to Me, and ye fcall re¬ 
ceive Grace for Grace, VVifdom for Wifdom, Love for Love, and Power 
for Power; As I have obtained, and teceived of my Father in Heaven , 
fo yon from Me all anfwerably. 

Pondering in my Spirit thefe words of my Lord's, 

I Replied. Hon p>ad it he, that a Spirit frould that be mingled , and made 
one Pure Lump with Ihet, fo at nothing of it felf for to be ? 

Anfjeered tt not. This Ihould be dir fled by Dying out of Creaturcly 
Ccntation, whereby a vacancy of Place, for the Holv-Ghoft to rife, and 
fpring, and move, as One Entire Spiritual Eody within ; for fo it will be 
when ever there is a ccflatiotr, and a reft, from the whirling Thoughts and 
Motions, which from the outward Aftral Birth is. 

This will be the manner of my coming in this Latter-Day, to (land 
upon the Earth, which thus emptied is, and refined by the Fire, drat ne¬ 
ver dieth $ which Fire is that Seed of God , that (hall multiply it felf, 
to bring your Chrift forth, trameroufly to overfpread this World, till all 
ftiall be formed a new. 

"Sbaz, heeome a Chrift, (or atr Anointed) from this 
Deified Root opening within their own Soul. 

And ’then t hit Life of Chrift frzil out-grow in Minority , and cmeto Ma¬ 
turity of Wifdom and Strength ; then it jea2 be known what you art made Hem 
to , and frail pofftfs , while m the age of time you do remain for Chrift fully 
Crown will bring fuchCain i aj Trajitt of Heavenly Power / will open andJ.y 
lUf Lightning, that frail reach from ant Notion tt another , by which the dark 
Corners of the Earth frail become light. 

TMs is the Nesv, and Living Model, which your Lord Chrift will now 
begin to manifeft hiffifclf in; Therefore hereunto, Let the Holy Anoint¬ 
ed Ones, be ever waiting forme, till Power come over all that is Nature 
and Creaturely Spirit. 

Seeing 1 hare ( Oh my Lord ) Liberty of Speech further to proceed 
for Enquiry into this deep condefccnding Love of Thine, wfneupon my 
Spirit ao move, which is, 

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j 4 0/ C hrift s Abearance. 

How the ardent Soul, that fo great a lover of Thee i-, may have fie¬ 
ri rent admittance into Tiiy Conncil-Chamb:r, to know, hear, and learn, 
what may be cor.duccable, to fuch an high degree of Unity t as hath been 
mentioned by Thee y For thou ait fo over eloathed with Greatnefs and 
Majefty, that it is no light, or cafy thing to maintain fuch Accelics unto 
Thee, as required is in fo high an Import as tbis is v For to know the Se¬ 
crets that do concern the Kingdom of Thine, and my Joy, and Glory 
in Thee ? O my Lord, be pleated in This to fatisfy me. 

Which wasanfwered molt fwccr and mildly of my Lord, in thefe words. 

O thou Soul of mine! thou haftfearcheddeep, for to find a Path of 
Life, that few have found, becaufcit is all Holy Ground, where none 
but Spirits that have put on my Spiritual Body can afeend , and keep 
their feet Heady in this Track, which I to God the Father did freely pafsy 
and fo may you, as 1 in you this Rifen-Body (hall quicken up, Thatfo, 
as hereby you may know it is not my Pcrfcnal Glory, that ftu!I prevent 
fuch Spirits, in this their humble, and Love attempt: For I your Lord 
do we]L know, it is but expedient you fliouid thus keep up your acquain¬ 
tance with me; For great will beycnr advantage hereby, in taking and 
receiving from We fuch frelh and wonderful Supplies of Wifdom, and 
Knowledge in the Heavenly Myfteries, as fnall fatidy, andquict the Wind 
la the rniddeft of an unquiet, and difturbing World. 

And mow I have informed you, in what you arc priviledged in, rake 
aHcarc to keep this way of the Spirit all free and clear, that your Flight 
way not be floppedy fo then you will keep your Dwelling fecurcly above 
with me in the Heavens, and need not be careful wlr.r happeneth to the 
Wodebbeneath.; for your Mo'tvain Scituatiem in God ftsall never be 

Tberefbtrronlvhappy unutterably arethey who knows me thus for 
to be their new living aad attending way, that as with my Spiritual 
Body, they may go in and our, taking what is for their prefect me, 
which they may haste from me, all free, as coming in the Faith of 

Now having taken in thefe Communications from my Lord, 1 found a 
precious feeding hereupon, and did feel fuch a fprending and qnicknir.g 
Life come upon roe, as if all were filled with Chrilt in every part, 
which may be compared to Elijdii ftretefung himicif upon the dead 
Child, which was made alive thereby. 

Thus theLo?dChrift draws a lively Draught ofHitnfclf in every oart in 
the Soul,and aourifhexh it with his own Royal Blood, which runneth thro’, 
every Vein, by which we know we have put onChriftiahisRcfuuecToa- 


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Of Cbriji’s Appearance t j 5 

Spiritj and inward Body, to which Pcrfcft Thing coming, Redemption 
is Fimfred. 

Highly blcITcd are thofe that fhall arrive hereunto. 

By all thefe I fee the Day of Love is breaking out, to 

compafs the whole Earth, and Chrift will no longer a Stranger be; for 
fo he doth Prophefy in me, That in the Holy-Ghoft, he will in this La ft 
Age of the World more wonderfully appear; therefore I arg preffd in 
Spirit to Excite all that love, and longcth for to fee, feel, and know Him, 
as a PrefentCounfcllor, and Comforter, that they would thus prepare 
byPurenefsof Heart and Mind, waiting for this Love-Star to rife, and 
multiply it felf to numberlefs Stars of Love, and Power , that may a 
Heavenly Holt be, to proclaim the Glory of Chrift's Kingdom. 

Even fo Come, Thou Mighty King of Glory, and make us Kings to 
Reign over all That of the Earthly Life, as fo redeemed by Thee, I hou 
Lamb of God, to w hom, the Hallelujahs is given. 

*A Toft-Script. 

Being 4 Qneftion put to the Author ; which is this, viz. 

^ /^OD, being ft> Pure, Holy, and Good inHimfclf; How comes 
Vi Evil and Sin to be awakened, fmcc God is the Original, front 
whence All Created Beings have proceeded ? As ( now ) both Angels, 
and all Rational Creatures arc intefted therewith all. 

Afcthis was a.ifwercd privately, fo it is thought oeceflary and fcrvice- 
able ( for the publich Sattsfadlion o( All in General ) to he incerted Here, 
being of a weighty Concern for to be Rcfolvcdin, ( which is not from 
the Reach of Man’f Knowledge or VVifdom, but from the Revelation of 
the Spirit of Chrift ( fo given in, and in This wife ope ted ) viz. 

A. That theGreat and Mighty God and Creatour, had all Principles 
and Centers, both of Light and Darknefs inHimfelfj with Good and 
Evil, Death and Life. But all of Tiiefe (tho feeming contrary ) were 
bounded in Unity and Harmony { So that the Darknefs did not mingle, 
to Eedips the Light; Nor the Evil to leflenand dimiailh the Good Or 
the Death to be hurtful to the Life. 

The Divine h'ifdom kept sill in their PUee And Stut ion Vnvioltu ed in Him - 
felf. But what the Mighty God Procicated, and Generated out of Him- 
fclf Angels of That Kind ( which kept not their firft Station, tbevde- 

F lived 

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tired from their Creator} All Ertences, both in to; Light, and in the 
Darknefs, and were very Noble, Potent, and Great. But being (now) 
Diftinff, and apart from their Original Root (The Being of God ) 
They found a Power in themlelvcj to awaken what Principles or Eflcnce 
they would ((landing in a Free-Liberty , cither to tii: Good, or to the 
Evil) But not bein’ watchful, to keep All in our Bounds in s meek 
Humility i A Sinful diforder brake forth, and the Liuiftrian .Spirits got 
againft the Creator, who, (hereupon) turned them out of the Pure- 
Angelical Principles, fo as they muft remain Apoflates from God, till 
their Number of Punifliment lhall be finidied. Now, from hence came 
the Infection of All Mankind. Thefc Fall’n-Angels envying That New, 
and Hea/enly Image. For God, after This, made, aad brought forth 
(to Rrplcnilh, and fill up the void and empty Spaces of the Lighc 
World) Man, whom he had Created in their Room: Upon which they 
did Couipire, how they might involve This New-Created Being, in the 
fame Fa ft of Oifobedicnce with thcmfclvcs, for they wcrcSubtlc-Know- 
ing-Spirlts, and undet flood better than Adam , of what Conliftcncy of 
Principles He Rood in ■, And that (through Temptation fet on) the hid¬ 
den Etlence of Evil might b: awaken'd in Him; For He wasEflenccd both 
in the Good and Evil i andfo, became more easily corrupted and defiled. 

Thus we give the Enquirer an Anfwer to thcQueftion. Hot Sin at 
firft (*mt in. Now it remains to let you know* How this Poy fon of Si.i (that 
hath infefted All of Pollcrity) fliill b: allayed and expell'd Tho 

original Cure hereof, is fo known, that luccd not fet That forth, being 
generally believed tliat Chriil came in the Flelh to be a Propitiation for 
the Sins committed in the Flelh. 

Bpt now a deeper Thing than This I hare to declare and make known 
as Thus. Wc know all Outward-Births have been conceived in Sin - , And 
yet fomewhat of Good (from the Original Root of Nature) Rnh there¬ 
from (ineveryone) fprung forth. Now know andconiider, there is no 
other way to make a Perfevt Cure, bat by taking the Sting of Sin out t 
and that by another Birth conceived within the So jI ( which is Chrift the 
< 2 pickning-Spirit ) (that which is a Sinlcfs Birth:) And as that groweth 
up,and becomes ftrong in Spirit, the Sinful Part wythers and dies away. 
Thus Chrift thcGod-niin works out Sin within th: Properties of Fall’n- 
Nature, Andfo,; For that trbichit 
thus barn of Cod, overcome the lflorid, t Ep. ofjtkn, Cbtf. z. 

But here meets me a Qucilion, viz. Is C'a'ift tobe conceiv'd, and bom in 
every one for Salvation fo intrinjicaily > Yea furely , This is, and muft be 
the Foundation-Seal, whereby God the Father will own, and rtfcoe ns, 
E-mrefs lir?’e of his Beloved Son. Bet 

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A V0STSC<R_1T7. ; 7 

But again, it may be Objected, Tint 1 have verified, that God'* lore it (b great and 
large, a* All Fall’n-Angcls and Spirits (hall be Redeemed ; but the Qurftion is. How 
can that be when Co many die without any Appearance of th's New-Bbth you fpeak of? 
It is lo, that millions of Souls do Co (out cf this World) nafs away, and much to their 
Lo f j aa j Suffering it wid be • Yet know, * The Root of the eternal Go! is every Soul, 

* tho never fo Vile and Evil in this Body they nave lived in and fo died, ftr Cbij} it 
' ih dibi tbit bub tttli^btnti every one tbit cemttb i*ttibeH'crld.]cM <\i o thattliis Light 
‘ and LifeofChrift hath been (hut up. and Sin hath got uppermoft , yetChriff fthee- 

* ternal Spark of Life) will fuse Himieif in all that baveApoitatii’d from Him ; Nothing 

* (hall fuffer Lofs but the Fuel of EviLWork?, that cannot pafs through the Judgment 

* and Burring ■, And if this Life be piffed over, and little or nothing of This done; 

* There muff be a remaining in a Fearful-Esnefbition of going through thii Terri* 

* ble Refining-Work after this Life, in Regions fo appointed for that end. Oh ! that all 

* ca relefs.defpe rate Soul-Adrenturers,th-t know not the hardTugsthry meftgothrough 

* to clear and get off, what they conttacfevd of Vile-Matter , ami Evil-Deeds in this 
Life j Therefore let All be warned to Mortify and Renounce the Earthly-Hirth, that Co, 

may efape the Fiery-lndignation, that will come upon the Worker of Iniqury. 
b! now then, whilft you have Day with the Everlafting Sun-(hine of Love in your 
Souls, Turn into it, and it will Clarify and Brighten you that ( fo Saved) you may be 
out of all Future-Punilhmrnta, and Entrance find into the Joy of our Lord; which 
may be known now iu This prefent Time, in the Heavens of a Pure-Htartj The hap¬ 
py Felicity of which I have already fet forth, in this Treatife. 

So, hoping This may give Satisfaflion to the Impartial and Sober-minded , for Infor¬ 
mation into the Myfteri-*. that have been under a Veil ( which is row rending a- 
way) for the which break of Day, Let usearneflly Pray. 

A Vifmal Abearance, or Tropbef). 

$»•} if. i<?4- 

I Had a fudden Repre entation cl me hefore me of a round Globe, like an Orel, that 
had (our Circles, and within the fi -ft Circle, was a Pure white Glafi of L ; ght j 
in which, there a ppeared the l'erfaaal Prince of Glory, with a numberlefs Num¬ 
ber of bright Boiil'-Figures, with whom the Elders were; They hid got Viftory 
orerthis World, who departed in the Faith of what they sow enjoy; And the Circle 
that was encompalled, w as of a bright flame-colour. 

Then, nett to This was an Aiure Blue-Circle; and here appeared the Faces only of 
Bnimrn -n Perrons, that are yet living in Eodity Figure in this World ( who fume ate 
known, and others unknown to roe )-and the Motto that uras written on their Fore- 
Heads was, Theft trcTbif< ire* are. wtiii’X W brtib tb'Ourb into M‘Ui*i’Si«*!(, 
wb.-re Cbrill lbs IvJ, wir b ti tbit art Re itetnti cut, anifren tie Eirtb are. 

Then, in the third Circle, which appeared like Pale-Lightning , there opend .er.:* 
phitns and Cherobims, bright An*els, very numerous that afcer.Jed ; and were a jpaiuC- 
cd as a Guard, always Miniitring to Tbofe. And did lee them break tbtir Circle, 
come amongft Thole, who prcCing were into the Light-World. 

The fourth Circle was a cart Dark Dusky-Co.our; And here werediofe wb-were 
etto be fathered in, ar.i tomastaia-. Sore among them were known hv Face tone- 

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they were yet but muring in the Dark-Principle (a* {hat from the Light. All of Thii 
wascoafpicuouily opened unto me. 

And a l was waiting farther upon the trifles ( is it fhot up ■ and opened again the 
next Night) TI JfawOne Mighty •Potent-.Vr.gel break through the Circit where 
the GlorifieO-ret (on and their EMeri were; and a great ihouc there was, crying. Tin 
Prim fit if Ulvtntx it irtten ttro<gb\ and now the ittfi’i Kingdom will quickly go 

S wa , and worthy is this Mighty Conqucrour to receive ( with the Lamb of Cod ) 
wer and Riches, Wifdom and Strength. Honour, Glory and hit Sir g; For the way is 
broken through for fuch to follow after, who in the fame spirit of Faith are, acquitting 
their Senfual Reafonings. 

Then did l fee many ftririog to enter in. but ould not tin they had relinqnithed the 
Name and Mark of the Heaft ( which is this worldly Principle ) with all its PofJuced 
Immcrcemencs anti tabiloman Tratficks, which, by ibe light of this AU-Cooqueriog- 
Angel, were prevailed upon lb to da 

Then a Free Pafs was made for many ( known by Figure and Name) to enter in, and 
to receive Mutual-Power to Multiply acJ Spread MowiS-iioaS Glory over the whole 
Face of this Eartn. 

So will aO Nations be made rofio-> hi, u’Jis Riling c' this Bright-Orient Spirit t 
for greatPowers are moving lion the Heaven in very Dee ’ 

Oh Mighty Jefiss ! Thoa art Tni* Oird'-Crcaker , 2 f. sc.rii.u'Hcb, wrcaTl.ou wilt 
aflame, andtakeuptoopm the Fountain cf Grear-'.Voaccr*; hy the which . the Lfift- 
Pur ity, (ball again come to be Retimed, red the Heavens (as a Curtain over the whole 
World fpread. 

Thia is a Prophetical Vifiou, the fulfillin’ thereof draweth near; Therefore it lean¬ 
ed good to me to add it to (be foregoing Part. 

IheAnihr has much of this kin. I by her (in hTnofcript) that may yetcome to 
light, as God lhallopcnan Elfeftual Door, for more to be Revealed , that may Goo- 
duce. and make Ready, the New-Jerufalem Bride to :.e married to the Immaculate 
Lamb of God: for the which, I fay to all, Come. Ob come away wkb fpeed. 

Tbelifted op Standard o:Ch«H,the Trumpet of whole Spigic does «ow Soond,tbat the 
Dead in Sins may live again in a New-State, from theRefurreflioo-Lifeof thrift, who 
cometb down in a Fiery-3aptiziug-Cloud : fly which, He will enter into Soul*, who 
wining are to have This Sin-Defiling-Garment taken away. 

The Oil of theSpiritiiftittJowiEg: but muff now ftop for the prefeat, tDI VeffeJa 
(hall be fouod and nude ready to take it in. Forthcwhicb, tbelncesfeof Pure Prayos 
(ball ftiUaJcend up to Heaven- 


T Hb Book is to be Sol&by the Author, Jar.f Lc*d, living at the Lady 
Mico% Coliedge, tight againft Sujntj Chunk j and at her Daughters 
B4rb*rj \V Alton , at Mr. MtlemAn's in Nat-firttt , at the End of Dcuti- 
firrrt right againft the 3 Turn. 

And if any oaeb: difatisfied in any Point handled in this Book, Th« 
Jjithir ]s ready to give anfwcr thereaato, while fhe is yet Living. 

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